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Mirage has $25 S17 blackjack; it's across the aisle from high limit room.

MGM Grand had $10 S17 blackjack, but I haven't seen the game available for about 3-4 months.
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Quote: AcesAndEights

This is not true at all - you have a very good chance of finding $25 mins and MGM and Bellagio (in that order), and $50 mins at Aria are possible. On my last trip I scanned the Aria pit at least 3 times and never found a $25 min at Aria, but it was all weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to find a $25 min there during off-peak times.

According to CBJN the following minimums on the MGM casinos DD S17 DAS games, but from my experience its common to see black chip minimums if your not playing at graveyard times

$25 Aria ($25 min has poor pen, $100 min for the same game with good pen)
$50 Bellagio
$50 MGM grand
$100 Luxor

Also the tropicana has a DD S17 DAS RSA game, I think its the only one in vegas

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