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October 22nd, 2012 at 11:45:33 PM permalink
I'm sure hardly anyone here makes this side bet, but I'm just using this thread as excuse to tell how some guy I was sitting next to won big tonight in Detroit. The guy was betting huge (by my standards) to start with on his regular blackjack bets, like $75-150. Anyways, he made some $25-100 bets on Perfect Pairs ($100 being the table max) and was hitting them fairly often. One hand, he even hit a perfect pair with $100 up, which netted him a cool $2,500 after the 25-1 payout. After that, he was putting up $500 on his base bets and getting a few more 12-1 and 6-1 hits on the side bet. He gave some back, but still left with probably $4,000-5,000 total.

Unfortunately, I got sucked in and took a few $5 fliers on the side bet, especially after I got ragged on a bit for missing out on several pairs (there were a couple others playing the bet as well). Won a little bit doing that, but eventually had to pull back because my bankroll was getting too low. I did throw out the occasional white or pink chip, but felt silly because I kinda feel like it's not worth making a side bet for that low an amount. I ended up clawing back to slightly ahead for the night before heading home to watch MNF.

Anyways, have any of you come across this bet in regular BJ, and have you ever played it? I believe the house edge for the one I played is 4%, though I could be reading that table wrong on WoO.
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I just made a thread about this recently. I too play BJ in Detroit at the MGM Grand.

Just last weekend a guy next to me was betting up to the $100 max on PP. I never play, so whenever I get a pair the table usually calls for my head. Thankfully last weekend there was a total BJ newb at the table who was making terrible mistakes and the table's animosity was directed at him instead of me for not playing PP. One girl was convinced this guy actually worked for the casino and was there to mess all our hands up cause whenever he'd stand when he should have hit or vice versa the dealer would make a better hand than she should have.

Anyway, guy next to me was betting anywhere from $50-$300 on each hand, and he was doing anywhere from $25-100 on the PP. One hand the girl next to me got so frustrated at that guy who didn't know what he was doing she sat out the hand. The PP guy bet $100 on this hand and he got a colored pair, for a nice payout of $1000. I think he gave the girl next to me $50 for sitting out the hand, which gave him that colored pair.
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