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I've always had pretty good luck at the Hilton. Most of my big wins have been from there. My two biggest wins were from $25 blackjack with the automatic shoes.

One night, I sat down all by myself at a $25 BJ table with an automatic shoe. The cards were just falling my way, it was amazing. Strangely enough, there weren't many opportunites for splits or double downs, and I didn't get any blackjacks. I have a progressive betting style, starting at $25 and increasing by about 50% after each win. It didn't take long and I was making $1000 bets. I didn't increase after $1000, although in retrospect I should have, the table limit was $3000. I'm not sure how many hands I won in a row, but it was probably about 17 or 18. I walked away with about $8000. The only thing is, there were no witnesses except one guy who watched a distance.

Right after that, I walked up to a craps table and played a guy rolled for a VERY long time, adding about $3000 to my winnings.

Earlier this year I had another run at Hilton, similar table but this time only about $1500 in winnings including a $600 blackjack toward the end.

This is a lot for me, I'm basically just a $25 player ($10 craps).

I've never really had that kind of luck at any other casino in Vegas.
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What was the most you were down at any point during your play?

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