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May 21st, 2015 at 9:21:36 PM permalink
So it's not quite a MEGA big win, but it was still a good day today! So I get into a poker tournament at the last minute, and while I'm waiting for a seat to open, I use my free slot play. I win 450 dollars on the spot. then I get into the tournament and I came in third place, and I won another 280 dollars, then I go to Crapless Craps and won another 400 when I was the shooter! then I put 100 in a Hot Roll machine, I lost that 100 in the end but not before getting half way to the next tier in reward points and I still walked out up about 1000 dollars! Oh and I got a burger from this place they got called Burger Brothers, good stuff, check it out if you're ever in St. Louis!

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