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June 4th, 2010 at 5:48:16 AM permalink
What's the most wins in a row people have had on various games?

For me:

Pai Gow Tiles: 16 (without a loss ie stand offs excluded). When I was about 20 and a poor university student. Won about $2500.

Black Jack: 11. On a $30 table while waiting to go to dinner. Won about $4000.

Craps: On the line about 10 or 11. Most on a place bet was when I had 14 eights roll before a 7 out. Again as a university student. Started with the minimum $6 on and sevened out with $900 on there.

Those are the only 3 games I have ever played enough to keep track of.
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Last year at Craps I hit 7 points in a row one after another. Point, made it, point made it seven times before a 7 hit. Before that my record was 4 points and I made some money. With the 7 points it was too quick. Did not make anything except the flat and odds.
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I don't actually know. How do you keep track of these things?

But I do know the most losses in a row: 40 at blackjack. Bought in for $100 at a $5 table, twenty hands later, I'm fishing for another $100. Twenty hands later, I'm out. Okay, might not be forty because I probably lost a few doubles in there, but I know that I never won a hand. So how do you keep track of these things other than by just feeling.

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