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August 30th, 2022 at 2:38:32 PM permalink
This is to be one of two related posts, the other being ;'The Holy Grail.' They explore two related facets of gambling philosophy.

Let's say, you discover a valuable advantage play. Something perfectly legitimate where a Casino gives you an advantage beyond what their marketing team envisaged. It's subtle, but massively +EV
For example. 50% loss rebate every Sunday.
Eligible for most games.
But they don't mention any wagering requirements and they barely apply any limits.

It is a lucrative offer, but variance is massive and you COULD lose a lot only to find the offer withdrawn on the second week.

They do have a catchall restriction or two, such as 'can't be used on roulette outside bets' and "Anyone abusing this bonus will be banned and their balance forfeited."

How do you play it?
When the Marketing department discover their generosity, they will get mad as hell. Some players will get banned and their balances confiscated. Some smaller advantage takers might just get an angry email and be blocked from future bonuses, or they might also be banned.
It WILL get noticed and exploited by BIG fish advantage players. One Day!
It WILL get noticed by the casino. One Day!
Unless ALL advantage players that notice this, agree to cooperate in only modestly exploiting this, it will get closed down soon. No-one trusts anyone to cooperate. It's a bit like 'the cooperation game' but with unseen strangers.

Further to this, consider that you are generally a low stakes roller, buying in for maybe $100 per week and losing steadily like a ploppy.
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August 30th, 2022 at 2:58:15 PM permalink
This happened to a friend of mine, and I may have mentioned it here before.

A local casino had a free play offer, where you could go in twice a week, put $10 in a slot, and get $10 in match play, but you couldn't cash out until you at least first played through $10. So, absolute worst case scenario, you lose every spin with that first $10 and cash out exactly what you came in with, thereby breaking even.

Of course, that almost never happened, and you would almost always win at least a few bucks. My friend would go twice a week and cash out exactly after he had played through that first $10. Sometimes he would only be up a couple of dollars, sometimes he would get really lucky and be up $40, $50, or more.

This promotion went on for a LONG time, like well over a year I think, maybe even two, before they shut it down. My friend made a couple grand doing this, all for just going into the casino twice a week for 10-15 minutes at a time. He had a few other people in on it with him, too. I went several times whenever I was in town and made over $100 easy.

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