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Good day all!

I am new here, and truly interested on what attracts you to the casino sites?

The free slots?
The bonuses?
The models / ambassador?
Free Cash?

How did you hear about certain online casinos?
By advertisements? Friends?

I am just so curious.
Also, what do you like to see on their websites?
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can you repeat that?
The Dice, the cards, they not only have no sense of justice but are seemingly endowed with a sense of cruel irony. This devolves from the 'nature of random'. Ironically, don't you see. 
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Quote: odiousgambit

can you repeat that?
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Enjoy the day!
May the cards fall in your favor.
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Order from chaos
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I should imagine most people would go for something free or where it's +EV. Some of my friends used to play online poker for the free tournaments, I even did it once for a laugh.

Not related, but the best type of promotions I like is something like "Ace in the hole" or "Free even money bet" - these used to be fairly common in casinos many years ago in the same way as they used to be play books, with coupons, when I was in Vegas in the 80s.

The one I enjoyed the most was the Daily Joker - you could play it on your Blackjack bet, and if you won you got paid 2 to 1.

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