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The first 300 pass line bets I made, I showed a 20% edge (through dice control) on the pass line bet. Over the long haul I made 50% of all 10 and 4 points, yielding a 50% edge on the odds bet. Dispite all this, I lost a lot (from over betting and pressing endlessly) the first few years (starting off on a massive run that got me hooked on the game.) The last year I played often, I consistently won about $100 throughout the year. In 2 weeks of playing (4 days a week) I only had 1 losing roll! I only had 1 losing session (in the year), where I lost 2 rolls and quit to play some UTH (I left down $300, $100 was from dice.) Some sessions I recovered from a small loss with points; I will say what I did towards the end. I used this strategy last time I went to Vegas, over all I did well at craps (but I missed some monster rolls from Random Rollers and had 1 bad session at an empty table, losses limited by a rule I state later.) The basis of the strategy is a Warren Buffet quote "you have big wins, small wins, big losses and small losses; get rid of the big losses and you'll be okay."

This is the strategy that I use, when I find 3-5 dice controllers to form a team; I will go back to playing (since I'll get enough bets per session.)

$44 inside for 1 number hit, leaving it out a maximum of 3 rolls; then down to 16/17/22 inside minus the point.

If up for the session, you can leave $44 up until 3 rolls hitting up to 3 inside numbers.

Once up 3 times this amount (about $150), then double the initial wager; when you take it down, it should be whatever you won in the first 3 rolls.

Collect 3 numbers, then start power pressing them (with larger numbers, just press all the way.) Once 1 power pressed number hits, collect all and take them back to the starting bet for 4 numbers (22 inside.)

Now, power press on each hit (or with larger numbers, press all the way) but when they hit, collect once per number and then press all the way again.

After this, let's say it's pressed to $25; on a hit, press it to 50, then 75, 100, 125, etc.

Once you have $200 in profits from a roll and $200 in place bets, take the place bets down to $22; but only do this take down once per time with the dice. After that, press 1 unit, 2 units, 5 units, 10 units; only taking in a little per number hit until you hit a massive amount or have so much on the table that you would make a massive win by taking money off the table.

Without any dice control skill, this has the benefit of a slightly lowered house edge on 5 and 9 bets since the larger amount is only out for 1-3 rolls. Winnings can be put on the odds bet for maximum results, though I like locking in wins as fast as possible. If a team of 6 people were really doing well 1 day, it's possible to make $12000 or more in a session because the initial wager increases with session profits. I think $600 would be a typical profit for a 4 hour session with a 6 player team of skilled dice controllers. I keep losses to a minimum by excluding a player from being bet on if they immediately 7 out (before hitting a number) the first 2 times with the dice; $100 max loss for 1 player and $600 max loss for 6 players. If they lost a few dollars on each time I would still strictly adhere to a max loss, preferably less than $600 (I would leave before that, but it is 6 times the 1 player max loss.)

I think $5000 is a good bankroll (where each player on the team has their own bankroll, everyone has other money for their expenses/bills) for this bet size example, when the bankroll triples; you can double the numbers (just like session increases.) If you lose 2/3 of your gain in a session, go back to your initial bet structure (or on your first 7-out before hitting a number.) If you play 4 days a week on a 6 player team, I think 6-26 weeks is enough to triple your bankroll with skilled shooters that show consistent results. Within a few years, a good team could be starting at the table max even with taxes slowing down the growth.

The other thing I'd do is save comp points and match play coupons for if I was having a losing session. I'd go convert the comp points to cash in Double Double bonus VP 25c at a time, usually breaking even; once I won $154. I'd take the winnings and use it with a match play on craps, the rest of the winnings went to odds and buying the 10.

Though it wasn't part of the system, I did well on hard 10 for $10 combined with a $39 buy the 10 ($1 vig), and if I was doing well I'd sometimes hit the hard 6/8 (which ever was the point) for $6 and collect $50 if it won to press it to $10 then press it to $50 (if it won twice) and collect $50; I got it up to $100, but never hit that much. I also threw $1 on big red (being a show off) and pressed it to win $25 (this move was profitable overall.)

One move that I tried a bunch of times, but never made money on it and had to give it up was laying 5 and 9 on the come out roll because I set for 7. I often get a string of 7's, but when I tried this; I think I won 1 and lost a few. I would have eventually done better, but it was a large bet and they weren't doing the vig right (they charged $3 for a $2 vig on losses, since I could only lose one.)

There you have it, my system for a dice controller to maximize profits and minimize risk.

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