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$300 buy in

$15 Don't Pass

Point set, $50/$51 in odds

$5 each on the hard ways

$10/$12 on 4/6/8/10

First hard way, pull back odds from DP

No hard ways, then when you get to $50 in winnings on place bets, remove odds

If you get in to a long run, and have taken your odds down, and hit a hard way, increase all place, and add the 5/9

When easy hits, replace hard way with $5 from your place bet win

Possible scenarios.... Point set, then 7 out.....
Worst loss is $24 (How many times does that really happen?)

7/11 on come out roll
Lose the $15 DP
This can have a bad run with a good shooter on the come out

Hard way early means you have covered all money still in play, so you can remove your odds. So a 7 at this point you only lose the $15 DP

5/9 don't pay until you drop your odds, and begin building a "positive" game, but once you do, you have all number paying and hard ways paying enough to increase your place bets, and any easy roll is replaced with your place bets.

I have been owning my sessions in practice... Ready to implement in real life.

Any game that has a run over about 6 or 7 rolls, should produce $100+, because once you pull back your odds, you are playing with "house money" the rest of that game

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Sounds like another system that in the long run will lose
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Quote: GamecoxJax

Possible scenarios.... Point set, then 7 out.....
Worst loss is $24 (How many times does that really happen?)

Expect it to happen once in every 9 comeouts (there is a 2/3 chance of a point being established, and then a 1/6 chance of the next roll being a 7).

But where do you get 24?

Also, what if the point is 5 or 9, and it is immediately made? Don't you lose the 15 DP bet and the 50 odds?

This looks like Yet Still Even Another system where many small wins are more than offset by few large losses.
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