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Hi Guys,

I searched longtime a forum about casinos in Switzerland. Not found.
This is the reason why I have created this thread.
I hope to get some answers from Vegas games, as the casino of Montreux has a lot of same slot machines as in the US:
Novomatic, Apex, IGT, etc...
There are today 385 slot machines in this casino. Probably all connected to a same server.
I play there since long time.. very long time... Too long time !
Anyway, what I can say for sure is that often when somebody unknown enters for the first time in the house, he quickly wins most of the time while gamers are trying all machines since hours, trying small, mid and high bets, and loosing all the time.
What I can say is this is not random but for sure the people in back office can activate jackpots for that new people.
I can read also many posts saying that there is a random generator in each machine and nothing can change the winnings. In Montreux this seems not sure because some days or some hours are the winnings better than others.
Could somebody give me answer if this is the same in the USA ?

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