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September 6th, 2021 at 6:01:58 PM permalink
Spent the weekend at CSI, mainly went for the Price is Right show, but hadnt been there in a while and also wanted to see if there any immediate changes with
the change in ownership.

First thing I noticed was the hotel prices. Our nights were comped, however, before signing in, I looked to see what regular rates were and almost overnight after the purchase by the same group that owns Harrah's Cherokee, the hotel rates doubled. Weekend nights went to $299 per night for the lowest room. Since there arent any other hotels within 10 miles, they likely have a monopoly on it. The rooms are nice compared to many other Caesars properties, especially if compared to places like Horseshoe Tunica.

Next, the food. Even though they have a "food court", most of the options are closed. No pizza, no mexican, no chinese, even though those used to be available. Only options are a fast food place with limited selection and on the weekends, a "homestyle" meat and 3, with entrees in the $25 range with sides. They do have a Binion's Steakhouse, but the night we went and were going to eat there (no reservations), 75% of the tables were not being used, but they said they had no tables available. Apparently, no help available. There is also a cafe in the hotel portion which serves most of the same food the fast food grill does.

They have complimentary drink stations which serve sodas and coffee, but alcoholic beverages are not free. From what I understand, state law prohibits free alcoholic beverages (at least thats what I was told). Drink waitresses are rarer than Bigfoot, so you will likely need to go to a bar to get a drink. One thing I never understood is the pricing on drinks. I understand you dont want people who arent gambling getting free drinks, but if you are at a table, why not just charge a buck for a drink while playing (loophole to the alcohol rule) instead of the $4-$7 they charge now?

Finally, the gambling. Starting with table games, the limits are reasonable with most games having a $10 minimum for carnival games, $15 for PaiGow poker and Baccarat and $10-$15 for BJ on the weekends, not sure during the week. Games include Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Crazy Four Poker, Ultimate Texas Holdem, Texas Holdem Bonus, Mississippi Stud, High Card Flush and your usual BlackJack, Craps, Roulette.

For the Slots, they have your usual mix of games, many of the slots are older games, with some new mixed in. Having played many times, there was a noticeable differents in how the slots paid out. (Not talking about total wins/loss) but how often bonus wins came. Many others noticed the difference from recent play as well to the point that the most commonly hear phrase was "Whose ___ do I have to ____ to get a bonus feature?" In my play on the weekend, I noticed that instead of a slow decline in bankroll when playing a particular slot, it was either a complete loss or a larger win. I was playing mainly $2-3 per spin and had multiple $100-200 wins, but also had several instances where I lost $100 in very little time, so it is likely that the pay percentages have been changed since my last visit there. Who knows.

Overall, its a nice place to go, but dont expect to be treated like you are in Vegas.
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I've been there a couple of times, but not in the past several years.

I didn't realize that it had changed ownership or management.
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Good write-up with lots of info. You mentioned about the loophole for drinks and why not just charge a buck for a drink. I asked this question and was told the state has a minimum price they must charge, or more if they choose.

It is a long walk from the rooms to the casino.
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Quote: mtcards

why not just charge a buck for a drink while playing (loophole to the alcohol rule) instead of the $4-$7 they charge now?

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    The tavern league may have some lobbying power, and their members may not want that degree of competition.
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