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Yesterday, I made the 25 minute drive to the Horseshoe Hammond in Hammond, IN. For those not in the know, the Horseshoe is a boat casino on Lake Michigan. It is the closest casino to downtown Chicago and is part of the Caesar's/ El Dorado group.. A few observations I made while there.

1) Table games were limited to 3 players. You had to sit at either 1st base, 3rd base or centerfield.

2) There was no plexiglass but this allowed gamblers to play multiple spots. The table I was at one gentleman spread 2 hand which allowed for 4 hands to be dealt on the table and theoretically the table could still deal seven spots but at least 2 players would have to be spreading multiple bets.

3) Slot machines or video poker in banks of 3 or less only had one machine turned on with the others having obvious notices on them suggesting it was for social distancing. If there were 4 machines in a bank it was the 2 on the outside that were open so it looked like this. 0XXO. Banks of 5 or more were still adhering to this every 3rd machine policy

4) craps was limited to 6 players and you hand to stand on specific social distancing stickers.

5) The sports book was taking bets but you had to do so at self serve kiosks. There were no people taking bets and this was at a time in which the book was usually open pre-pandemic. I will get to that later

6) The poker room has had the poker tables taken out in favor of more slots and video poker

7) You had to drink and eat in specified areas and I witnessed people being ordered back into them. They also made semi regular PA style announcements of this policy.

8) As a result of #7, tableside drink service was non existant.

9) The soda stand there was a line roped off and you had to wait through it and order your drink. This way only one person was touching the cups and what not.

10) I did not witness smoking and I know it was banned at table games and while walking. I am unsure if it was banned in the slots but did not witness anyone lighting up. This was a smoking casino with a non smoking section prior to the pandemic.

11) Exit and entry was in different areas. You exited at the usual place but the entry was up a floor and you entered mid-ship instead of at the aft.

12) Because of no tellers at the book, the lines at the cage were unusually long but properly distanced.

13) Table minimums were inflated but not drastically. The pit where I played BJ had $15 and $25 mins when these were $10 and $15 pre pandemic with maybe a $25 sprinkled in.

14) Valet parking was closed.

15) Masks were mandated unless actively eating or drinking. I witnessed this being enforced.

16) I witnessed people cleaning and sanitizing machines although I do not know if they could genuinely 100% ensure the machine you sat at would be sanitized

All in all, it was a bit different but I felt 100% safe and IMO they did more than most businesses to to actively keep social distance in mind

*Note* This post has been edited to correct grammatical errors and add points I initially forgot about
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Nice report. Was it busy in your opinion? Are they doing ID checks/scans at the one entrance?

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