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I was at Charles Town this morning (Tuesday). Arrived about 10AM got a players card with $15 of free play, found an 8/5 Jack's or Better and turned it into $16.50. Ok... headed to the BJ tables, all pay 3 to 2. Surprising to me on a Tuesday morning they were all $25. There was a $15 BJ and 3 card poker table on which you could "just play blackjack". Although $25 is a bit rich for me, I opted for that with people I hoped who were there to play blackjack. For the most part I was correct in that those sitting there were pretty solid blackjack players and rarely played the lucky ladies side bet. I played for about 1.5 hours and chalked up a small win. The regular dealer was great, quick, knowledgeable and accurate. The relief dealer was awful, slow, never quite sure what to do, the pit had to help him a few times. Ughh! Thankfully he was only there for 20 minutes.

Didn't play craps, but it was $10 min with 3,4,5 odds.

My wife enjoyed the slot selection and enjoyed here time playing. We enjoyed the space and the casino "feel". We didn't have time to spend all day there but we did enjoy the time we did have. Of note, by the time we left they had opened a couple of $15 BJ tables. Interesting that when it is slow they just have the higher limit tables.

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