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Quote: american casino guide, see link

Kentucky has two racetracks which offer instant racing betting machines. While these machines may appear to be regular slot machines, they are actually based on unidentified past horse races and the reels are for entertainment purpose only

ACG page shows 3 places it's available though. Also, to say for "entertainment purposes only" is badly worded if you really do make bets, which I have to assume you can.

Probably this means that Kentucky will eventually have other class 2 video machines* at least, but Doc need not take notice? Anyway, it was enough to have the ACG include KY in the list of states with casinos. That leaves New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah as 7 states not included in that guide.


*isn't this what it really should be called?
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I was just at the Red Mile in Lexington. I left up $300 in an hours play. I just played the game with the horse selections being made for me. I didn't really understand what was happening. You could see the end of the horserace on a low resolution screen on the machine. The help section on the screen seemed to show the dollar value of the various pari-mutuel pools. Has anyone done any analysis and does it matter which games to play based on the pool amounts?
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I played at Kentucky Downs this past January. The machines are similar to the ones I had seen in the past in Oklahoma that used the "Bingo" as the main betting tool while the reels were there for visual representation only.

On most machines there, the "jackpot" is not clearly defined on any of the machines, but I was there playing a $3 max bet "Pampered Pets" machine, only betting 90 cents per spin (I usually bet max, but do not like these machines at all and was doing so only because my wife wanted to stop there on our way past), during which I hit 5 of the "free spin" symbols. The jackpot amount went from 7k to about 4900 right after. It never told me that I had hit any jackpot and went straight to the free spins where I won $838. After the free spins, the "handpay" jackpot message came up along with a total of $2923 in winnings.

I am assuming that the jackpot is triggered by some combination of either the highest payout or with the maximum number of free spins awarded. The vagueness of it is just another reason I dislike those machines

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