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This is a great article that delves into the interrelationships between Third Party Providers of Proposition Services and card clubs. For a short period of time, the Commerce Casino and the Gardens Casino were banking each other, but many small card club owners bank their fellow clubs. As long as one of the TPPPS companies doesn't operate in a facility owned by the same person, it is fine.

One big issue with TPPPS is that if one wants to gain that house edge and be a "civilian" banker, you can't, at least not consistently. It is well known that Commerce will bar anyone from banking games who is not the TPPPS by invoking the right to refuse service. In the Luiseno tribe's comments, they indicated that contra to the usual practice where the card club pays a TPPPS to sit at a poker table to fill all the spots, the TPPPS actually pays the card club an added fee, in addition to the collection charged to all players, which reduces their house edge.
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