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Heading soon to AC. Booked Harris out of the 3 possible Caesars choices. Some questions:

1: Anything I should make sure not to miss while there casino or tourist wise(first time in AC)?
2: Which casino's have the highest RTP (I'm doing a junket but would like to visit 1-2 other casinos while there) and what is the approximate average RTP (overall or if it matters on boardwalk vs off)?
3: Which casino's are overrun by vulture teams (all or just some or just the boardwalk ones)?
4: Are any casinos there particularly unfriendly to slot vultures/hustlers?

Feel free tp PM me!
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Eat a sub at White House.

Get a reservation if you can to Chef Vola’s. Order the veal chop parm on the bone and save room for dessert.
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A dearth of attractions...bring back the diving horses.
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January 24th, 2024 at 3:10:55 PM permalink
They all have vulture teams. Hard rock and Tropicana are pretty bad for MH vultures which makes sense as they have the most large size MH. Tropicana is the only AC casino that had (if they haven't removed it) $50,000 must hits in their high limit room. Two last time o looked which was over a year ago at least.

Hard rock has some $16,000 MH and a lot of ten and $5,000.

Resorts international has a few vultures but not a lot of opportunities for scarabs etc. Golden Nugget has only the old Golden Egypt, not the grand.

As for return, Borgata seems the best in my experience but all AC seems a "fall off cliff or rocket to the moon" return. You either are losing nearly every spin or cannot stop the jackpots from hitting. A lot of losers so the few winners hit really big. NY by comparison has a more median loss, nearly every trip you go up and down Rollercoaster style. Just be prepared for a slots day where nothing works.

That's all based on my observations over the years. Nothing scientific.
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1. Seeing Lucy the Elephant (the oldest roadside attraction) is a must. Going to be too cold to do a lot of beach stuff.
2/3 can't answer (though I don't think boardwalk/offboard particularly matters, but this is just my gut feeling, no data.)
4. MGM Hardrock. All CETs. Though pretty strict everywhere.
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