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It's easy what Ocean should do if they want to be better. Hire an undercover CEO as a "Normal," Gambler and have him NOT be an AP but have him be the dreaded Ploppy(Even put him in a CASUAL (Not bummy)T-Shirt and Jeans and have him wearing Nine West Penny Loafers and ask innocent questions that a real Ploppy would ask. Such as "Can I join a Poker Game that's already in Session? Or do I have to wait until everyone is done with the hand? " This has been a real question that a Newbie/Ploppy to Poker has asked before. If the Employee/Manager is RUDE to the Fake Ploppy/CEO, the CEO)Fake Ploppy can reveal that they are in fact a CEO and write up/reprimand the rude Employee/Manager. If the Employee/Manager is polite to the fake Ploppy/CEO, give them praise and kudos. You never know who could be your CEO acting like a Casual Ploppy.
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If a new casino wants to survive in a saturated market, first and foremost it needs brand recognition. Slap the letters MGM or Wynn on that building and people will flock there. Nobody wants to be first to the party but they want to be a part of the party. If you walk through any casino in Atlantic City (or anywhere in the US for that matter) for 10 minutes I bet you'll overhear Vegas in conversation. The fact is gambling outside of Las Vegas is a matter of convenience and gamblers pick the place that they feel luckiest, that treats them well, and will give them the best setup when they make their next trip out to Las Vegas. Hard Rock has brand recognition. Every gambler who flies to Florida just HAS to stop by the Hard Rock in either Tampa or Hollywood.

Location in Atlantic City isn't as relevant as other posters have mentioned. The people who are going there have been going there for a long time and it's not like their player pool is growing. People pick the places they want to play and put up with the pros and cons of said casinos. If location was everything, Trump Plaza and Caesars would have thrived and Harrah's would be struggling. As for customer service, it's pretty much the same across the board, and across the entire city and state, really.
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I'd get rid of everbody and anybody who has a 1979 attitude about AC...

Cater to the daily player rather than the once or twice a year whale...

Stop trying to be Disney World and focus on gamblers as the bread and butter of the operation.

Learn to distinguish between gamblers/gambling and the 'gaming industry, and' hire supervisors and managers who understand the differences and distinctions...

Place severe limitations on the authority and discretion of the casino security management and staff...

Ex cons and goons should not be permitted to have an adverse effect on the experience of the patron...

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