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The 350 foot tall polercoaster at the site of the former Sands has received a State grant and will start construction in about a month. It will open in the summer of 2019, two years from now. While I'm encouraged by all the things happening in AC, Hard Rock, observation wheel, Stockton College, the old Atlantic Club being sold, and the entertainment center at the Showboat, I'm discouraged with how long it seems to get things done.
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God forbid you can play some gambling games at the racetrack but $38 million of public money towards a rollercoaster and other amusements is A-OK. I will never understand the state of the new jersey.
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A roller coast in AC? Why? You already have the Jitney.
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I second the comment about it taking two years to build. Seems excessive long for what it is.

As I recall, this idea was also floated for the LV Tropicana.
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