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January 6th, 2017 at 10:00:48 AM permalink
I have been living out of NJ for work for quite some time, however recently I took a trip home to OC, and the other night I went to the Tropicana in AC.

I do not know how new this is, but they have various video games that are kind of slot machines, but are First Person Shooters. I do not know if this has been common in Vegas for other places for a while, but this is certainly new for AC.

The most common First Person Shooter "slot" (I guess) seemed to be "Danger Arena", an Arena game with cartoony graphics where you fight an onslaught of enemies in various levels killing as many as you can before you die or the round time ends. The controls are pretty smooth and you can move around freely. It is a pretty basic FPS, but I was excited seeing a slot like that.

Like I said, this might be old news for Vegas and most states, but Skill based and Video game based gambling was only recently legalized in NJ, so this is all brand new to me. I look forward to finding new Video Game Variants.

I am also curious how this will effect online NJ state casino gambling, if they will maybe monetize some PC based games? Or if anyone in NJ knows if there are any NJ casinos that have any kind of online video games that can now be gambled upon?

Below is a youtube video from American Casino guide I found of "Danger Arena", I took some pics and videos, but they did not turn out well. This is a pretty good description of this game.

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Not AC, but Morongo Casino in SoCal has a promotion where one portion is entirely skill-based: You're playing a round of what I think was Forza, and whoever has the fastest time for that round gets 50FSP, among other things. (Basically like one of these things:

I know that there was some business that turned online FPS gaming into a pay per life/earn per kill business, but I think that pretty much launched DOA because the skill floor on that was just so ridiculously high that only a few people had a shot at turning a profit, and the rake was eating all of it anyways.
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January 6th, 2017 at 3:38:52 PM permalink
Interesting WOV thread a couple days ago about Danger Arena. At the moment, the game in just in the AC market.
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June 12th, 2017 at 4:28:43 PM permalink
The gameco FPS/bejeweled clones were not making any money because they were terrible games. The controls were finicky and glitchy, and I'm sure there was other maintaince problems. The games would often freeze and not allow the player to cash out. I never saw a soul playing any of the installations in AC.

I'm amazed these got pass whatever levels of decision making goes into putting a new game on the floor. A cursory demo should have made it clear to anyone that the games were both complete duds.

However I did win $20 and got a free tshirt when they launched them.
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Quote: ECoaster

Caesars removes all skill-based games in their AC properties....

Everyone saw this coming. The games sucked and the graphics looked like they were 20 years old. They were always empty, just taking up space . I just don't see casinos willing to risk putting in true skill based games if they think someone can gain an advantage on them.
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