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October 9th, 2016 at 2:17:21 PM permalink
Claridge (reopened in May 2014)
Showboat (reopened July 2016)

and why would someone stay there instead of a hotel with a casino?
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Might be more family friendly, or someone might have a gambling problem.
My friend used to attend two trade shows a year and stayed at non gaming condo hotel just south of Resorts. Never understood it, but that was his choice.
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October 9th, 2016 at 3:23:41 PM permalink
Not everyone gambles.
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You have to look at all the qualities people want from a hotel, then what is different between them. It seems to me a casino hotel can be everything a plain hotel can be, but that might not be entirely true. My assumption would be a plain hotel, with similar real estate, would be quieter, more expensive, maybe cleaner, smaller, easier to get around. It's a good question I don't really know. I've wondered about it myself.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Claridge seems to be doing rather well thanks to its excellent central location.
Showboat I can't really say since it just recently opened.
IMHO Casinos during the week off season are a great value. One can often find a room Sun.-Thurs. for well under $100 and often 1/2 that.
During prime summer months the casinos can charge more and often lose the price advantage to non- casino hotels, some that where formerly casino hotels.
Weekends regardless of the season, casinos charge an arm and a leg for rooms. This is supply and demand economics exasperated by the casinos themselves.
Many casino rooms are comped on weekends. They often leave many rooms empty just in case a favored player needs it. So the supply has shrunk considerably yet the demand is high.
I would think that things will get worse with the 2,000+ rooms at the Taj now out of the A.C. market,

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