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If you go to the AC Press website there is 38 minute video interview that was just posted. Straub sounds like Don Quixote fighting windmills. He is never going to let Blatstein close on the Showboat. Talks about bringing 2500 horses to Atlantic City. Using a floor of the Revel as a drug rehab facility. I think he is just going to spend the rest of his life litigating cases. Talks about what he is doing as a hobby. In my opinion all this stuff he is saying is just a smokescreen. He is going to give up the rights to the Showboat and sell the Revel when the price is right. He has no intention of developing either property. I do know he is going to walk out of town with a lot more money than he came in with.
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Quote: JackStraw8004

. I do know he is going to walk out of town with a lot more money than he came in with.

And that alone makes him a genius.

If Blatstein on the other hand does as cheap a job on Showboat as he did with the Pier is going to lose his ass. The pier bars he opened are emptier than it was with all the vacant shops. And now he is trying to lease them out?

He opened a craft beer bar at the end overlooking the Ocean with NO Draft beer and only 10 common beers you can find anywhere. Anyone looking for unique craft beers would never think to give them a second chance. Poor planning and execution even understanding they tried to open it quickly.
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