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I'm not even sure if they have gambling in Cuba now but of course they did in the 1940s and -50s. I'm reading a great book called "Havana Nocturne". The book is about the history and development of gambling in Cuba before the communist revolution. It is very well written. Of course, Charles Luciano, Meyer Lansky and the mob are written about in detail. The rise and fall of Batista. The overthrow of the government, Castro and his rise to power. The 1946 meeting of mob bosses at the Hotel Nacional (the first large congregation of mob bosses since 1932).
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no legal gambling......cock fighting if you know someone.
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Recently returned from a cruise in Cuba and got to learn about the revolution and the overthrow of Batista from some of the people who actually lived there in the years after. Got to go by the old Riviera Hotel/Casino, which I was told was run by the Cuban/American mob until Castro took over, it still sits empty with much of the original casino, still as it was back then, including many antique slots, I was told
As for gambling now, there currently is none, however, the new govt. after Castros death, is more receptive to some of the "old ways" returning and are currently looking to build resorts for tourists (Mainly European/South American for now), that would include casinos and hotels in a modern environment. Similar to how the Bahamas work, only tourists could gamble

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