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Today the Western Casino on Freemont Street closed its doors. Rest in Peace. I did not have a lot of good memories there, but for those times when the El Cortez was just too classy, The Western was the only alternative.

A True Tragedy

I was inspired to go there by the folks at CheapoVegas. One of my first experiences there was putting a Ten in a Penny "5 Times Pay" slot with a $250 progressive. I probably did 100 spins or so and then wanted to go to the bar for a drink and hit the cash out button expecting a ticket. Instead I heard "clink clink clink" as the machine began to spit out about 1200 pennies. I did not go back often but maybe to use the $5 matchplay coupon in the ACG. The owners of the Western also own the Plaza and Vegas Club and the names of the latter two properties will sometimes appear on the felts at both casinos. I often would tease dealers by asking why the Western logo was absent....
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Quote: bigfoot66

Today the Western Casino on Freemont Street closed its doors.

The Western would still make a good front if the law passes that permits internet poker, but restricts operations to organizations that have 500 slots or more. Since the Western has operated for 40 years, it should be viable. The easiest way to comply would be to not serve any food or alcohol, but just put in 500 old slot machines. Foot traffic will be minimal, but you will qualify as being able to operate the internet business.

Since most internet businesses have their computers in some computing center, and you are just renting computer time and space, it is not even clear how often you would have to go to the building.
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RIP. I'll miss it!
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Does Tavares Group have to give up the Western's gambling license? Do they have any plans to sell off furnishings or equipment?
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