by Michael Shackleford • Nov. 26, 2013

Key Facts

  • Western terminus: 1400 feet east of the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Pebble Road.
  • Eastern terminus: 750 feet east of the intersection of N Arroyo Grande Blvd and Santiago Drive.
  • Distance: 4.4 miles.


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This is one of my favorite bike paths in Las Vegas. It follows along the Pitman Wash in Henderson. The path is lit, well maintained, nicely landscaped, and has only one minor street crossing. The wash itself is natural, so is more pleasant to look at than the many concrete ones that parallel other trails. The wash is very wide and deep so in most cases they built the path to go down into the wash to go under street crossings.

These photos were taken starting from western terminus, traveling east. Also see my video of the trail.


Here is where the trail starts, on the north side of Pebble Road, where it intersects with Topaz Street on the south side. There are several of these things that look like rusty oil drums marking the trail.

If driving to the western terminus, you can park at the shopping center on Eastern and Pebble, or by Pebble Park, which is along Topaz Street, just south of the trailhead.


The trail starts very straight, like this. You can see Pittman Wash on the left.


This is Wigwam Parkway, the only street crossing you'll have to do. It is an easy crossing with little cross traffic.


The trail continues nice and straight.


Take the left fork here, which goes under Pecos Road. The right fork will take you to the street.


You'll pass Legacy West Park on the right, just after Pecos Road.


The trail starts to get a little curvy as it follows the wash.


The trail juts out to the south here for a moment.


Keep following the yellow lines.


Don't follow the yellow lines. Take the path to the left to go under Green Valley Parkway. The path to the right joins Green Valley.


Green Valley Parkway bridge.


Cross to the north side of the wash here, before you go under the bridge. I did this trail just after three days of rain in Vegas, so it probably usually isn't this wet and muddy.


Go under the bridge here, on the north side of the wash.


Look for the trail to the right, just after reaching the east side of Green Valley.


The trail resumes on the north side of Pittman wash here.


Fall colors in Vegas. Picture was taken on November 25, 2013.


The trail is curvier in this section.


Between Green Valley Parkway and Valle Verde there are lots of walking trails down in the wash.


Anoher clear blue sky in Vegas.


Stay strong and carry on.


The trail goes under the railroad tracks here.


Here the trail goes under Valle Verde Drive.


Climbing to resume on the east side.


Look for the yellow poles where the trail resumes. They are hard to see in this picture, because they are behind foliage, but trust me that they are there. Don't get confused with another path leading down into the wash.


Take the right fork here to go under Arroyo Grande (or "big stream" in English) Boulevard.


Going under Arroyo Grande Boulevard.


The last part of the trail is in this park, known as the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex. If you start the trail from the east, there seems to be plenty of parking at the park.


Turn right here.


Almost at the end.


Here is where the trail ends at Santiago Drive.


Facing the eastern terminus.

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