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Mystere is one of the best shows in Las Vegas, and after playing for eighteen years one can expect at least another eighteen years. Mystere is the classic Cirque Du Soleil show that seems to have been lost with all their new shows that focus on rock music icons and other miscellaneous themes. One piece of good advice is do not be late for the show, one will either find themselves as part of the standard preshow that Cirque likes to do, or waiting for the overture to finish in the entryway. The lines can be long to pick up tickets and enter the theatre, so be at least twenty minutes early to the show. As a spoiler alert many of the acts in the show are discussed, but the details of the most spectacular moments are left for the viewer to see.

With an overture featuring a dozen taiko drums even the most drowsy person, perhaps from too many free casino drinks, will be awoken to the mini light show that accompanies the drum song. Some say Mystere is similar to Journey of Man in that it portrays the growth of the human race, and the opening drum act is the big bang. A man dressed as a baby is featured in the interludes between many of the acts. It is a bit creepy, yet very tolerable. Initially it seemed a bit out of place with all the exotic elements featured in the show, but does follow the theme with the creation of man kind and perhaps the idea we are all kids at heart.

All of the circus acts are extraordinary. The aerial cube is the opening circus act and it is perhaps modeled after the Greek icon Atlas. During this act a man is taken high above the audience and does several handstands and flips while holding a large metallic cube with his feet. The act is somewhat complicated to describe, but once seen the spectacle is only a taste of the great acts to follow. Perhaps one could say the cube is the earth that is balanced by mankind and the flight is mans desire to soar.

The next act features a series of poles in which several artists ascend, probably faster than most people could run and perform a series of flips between them. One unique part of the act is the double-face masks. These masks are placed on the backside of the head and the act is performed entirely by the artists with their backs to the audience. Perhaps the masks signify the two-sided nature of humans that is beloved by so many other literary works.

Unbelievable, breathtaking and jaw dropping do not even describe the spectacular act that follows. I have seen Mystere three times and every time this act is performed the audience goes hysterical with thunderous applause and cheering. The hand-to-hand act features two very muscular men who perform an act demonstrating amazing strength and balance. This act is performed on a rotating dome by the Alexis Brothers. As not to spoil the finale of the act the details of it will not be described, however it is the favorite part of the show for many people.

Next several artists who are attached to dual bungee cords perform a series of flips and turns high above the audience in the center of the theatre. This act is performed through two of the show's musical numbers. It is an excellent transition from the amazing hand-to-hand act to the rest of the show.

A unique and pleasant part of Mystere is the Korean Plank that follows the bungee. The audience is presented with a large see-saw. A performer steps onto the side that is on the ground and is quickly shot up into the air by another performer who jumps on the high side. Several artists continue to be elevated at ascending heights until they reach an amazing jump of three people who are all standing on top of each other. The act quickly transitions into a series of trampoline performances where the performers almost seem to resemble the old game of Pong.

The grand finale circus act is the high bar, which is similar to a trapeze act. This act is performed with about a dozen people who seem to be constantly spinning around the bars. A couple of swings come out of the large contraption the act is performed on and the standard trapeze performer tosses are performed.

One of the most bittersweet features of the show is the fact it moves very quickly. The comedic interludes are short and the focus of the show is definitely on the circus acts. One could see Mystere multiple times and still observe something new each time, there is a lot going on above, in front, and behind the audience. Each circus act also has multiple performances within itself. It is like a three ring circus that is set up in an almost tunneling effect, but it is not over stimulating like Le Reve. The comedic sketches that occur between the circus acts are short and entertaining.

The music in Mystere is one of the best cirque soundtracks. The music was originally done by Rene Dupre (Ka) and later had additional music composed by Benoit Jutras (O). The soundtrack is a blend of new age music accompanied by the traditional made up cirque language. Mystere Live in Las Vegas, is the second soundtrack released for this show which features the most recent musical selection for the show.

If one has never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystere is the perfect one to see first. It encompasses all the magic and spectacle Cirque is famous for. The show is not as popular as some of the other Cirque shows, therefore deals on tickets are always available. This show is almost always available at Tix4Tonite and excellent deals are online, such as the promo two for $100, which was running during the summer of 2011 when I saw it. Cheap tickets should not be a deterrent for those considering seeing Mystere, it is one of the best shows in Las Vegas. The theatre is designed similar to a Greek amphitheatre; there are no bad seats in the house. Mystere has been voted best production eight times by the Las Vegas Review Journal, it is a show not to be missed and will impress all.

Sun - Wed 7:00 p.m., 9:30 p.m.
Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Reservations: 800.392.1999 or 702.894.7722
Tickets: $69 - $109