Posted by wizardofbuffalo
Sep 30, 2022

F buffalo creek

wizardofbuffalo September 30, 2022 2:36 am

and I will note the note the dealer never called pay or take table max before the cards were dealt. Why NOT ??? the place is dirty.. Be warned...

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So I'm there playing 150 a hand at a 15/300 table with 50 on the house money. House money should pay 9-1 so my 50 should have been 500 and cause of a blackjack paid 750. I get AK suited - and they would not pay out properly in my opinion. They pulled the table max card on me and shorted me. Went to the pit boss and managers and they agreed to screw me and only pay me table max on my main and side bet. I think they paid me 750 on the hand. When they should have paid out at least a grand. But it was a side bet. My sidebet should have paid out 750. I've seen them pay many times on similar scenarios. Other times I'm in there has not been a problem. But my question is: Were they in the right? I see a 50 house money bet as I should get AK 500 and get to add that to my bet even if its a 300max table> Any thoughts ?? I feel they screwed me outta 500 and were just by he book changing the rules...


GenoDRPh Sep 30, 2022

Is there a gaming commission you can call?


SOOPOO Sep 30, 2022

They should not accept a bet where a payout will exceed to table limit without CLEARLY alerting you BEFORE the hand is dealt.

You were screwed. But I highly doubt there is anything you can do to make it right. Next time they accidentally overpay you just smile.

I havenít had any such issue with the Senecas, and generally feel they will correct things in the playerís favor, unless the player is clearly taking a shot.

Hunterhill Oct 02, 2022

You have no recourse. They are native Americans and they will rule In their favor. I have seen them multiple times rule against players.