Posted by urbflorams
Oct 04, 2012

Craps bet

I have a question about placing the 6 and 8. I know if I place one of them the casino vig is 1.52. What is the casino vig if I place both? Is there any 2 bets that will reduce the casino vig? Or is it best to only bet one bet at at time.


7craps Oct 04, 2012

Your Qs would make for a good thread.


"What is the casino vig if I place both?"

House edge for BOTH made at the same time will be the same per decision.

They are still 2 separate bets that do resolve at different times.

But, The Expected Value will be higher for both

while the standard deviation is a bit lower compared to just the two bets individually.

"Is there any 2 bets that will reduce the casino vig?" Are there any?

You mean the combined house edge for multiple bets made and resolved.

Yes, many.

Line bets at 1.4% and odds bets at 0%.

"Or is it best to only bet one bet at at time"

Depends only on why you play.

What do you mean by "Best"?

Do not get stuck on house edge only.

Some house edge values that look lower actually have the same or higher EV than higher HE values.

It is the comparison of bets that resolve per roll, per decision not counting pushes and per decisions counting pushes.

One needs to compare apples to apples.

The EV (expected value or expected loss)

is very useful data and when combined with standard deviation over actual number of bets

will paint a very nice picture of what that or any style of play can end up at.

I am sure your questions are just general and you must have a very specific question to ask based on the Place bets.

urbflorams Oct 04, 2012

Thank you so much. I have learned so much from you website. I have been reading all day. I have another question. If I place a bet and each lost added to my bet the casino vig(Is what I actually lost?) ? Do you know of any martingale systems your would recommend?

FleaStiff Oct 04, 2012

Why would anyone recommend a Martingale system?

odiousgambit Oct 06, 2012


I have learned so much from you website

Learn immediately that all betting systems are for the birds.