Posted by ThenWhatHappens
Mar 15, 2017

Coke please, not Pepsi.

I don't know what you thought you would find in this post. It's all right there in the title.

Posted by ThenWhatHappens
Mar 15, 2017


Maybe I can make this work… I'm not much for blogs or forums, can't stand finding a topic I want to read and then discovering it's 800 pages long. Perhaps WoV can hold my interest.

I first started playing around the time River Boat gaming hit the midwest. Modest beginnings, about once a week I would play Blackjack with a $40 bankroll 'till I doubled it or busted. Relocated to an area with limited gaming and didn't play much over the next eight years. Then I met my husband and relocated again, now I/we live 4+ hours from the nearest table and play more than ever. First learned Craps on a cruise we took many years ago. Hated most of the boat experience but met some very helpful dealers who gave us a lot of good instruction at Craps. My other half is a math geek so I kinda have my own Wizard. My vocation was mechanical, so deducing how things work and tweaking them lends quite well to gaming. We both play, mostly Craps and Pai Gow Poker, a little Blackjack if we are with friends (and cannot talk them out of it.) We have been practicing our PG Tiles but have yet to sit down at a table.

We like Las Vegas and played at the Stardust for many years. When that was no longer an option we played for several years in Tahoe. A few years ago we came back to Vegas to find a new place to haunt. Found a favorite floor manager from the Stardust working at Main Street Station. We thought we might set up camp there but it didn't quite fit. We had been playing both hemispheres of the strip for a couple of trips to see who might dangle a sweeter carrot. Last two trips have solidified which one will get most of our play though we have not settled on a property yet. …and I think they are both out of carrots!

I think that touches most of the relevant facts and provides just enough ambiguity to let you know we value our privacy. We would be open to IRL introductions so if you see our schedule crossing paths with yours, please PM.


odiousgambit Mar 17, 2017

>we live 4+ hours from the nearest table and play more than ever

I think having a spouse who likes to play must help; that's far enough!

Does your husband try to get to +EV or is he happy with cheap entertainment? [you can see where I assume his math interest would lead him]

ThenWhatHappens Mar 23, 2017

>Does your husband try to get to +EV?

As of late we have only been playing Craps and PGPoker but he has played VidPoker in the past.

Funny thing… We have never driven to our "nearby" casinos. We did fly once, watch for a future posting on Maryland Live.