Posted by splitThemhoes88
Dec 15, 2021

the Strat backoff and Intro


I'm planning on sharing my blackjack backoffs and ID request refusals here in an attempt to educate myself and others.

I've been card counting for a handful of years and have luckily never been physically harmed, detained, or arrested. However, I do have the ability, when I didn't a few years ago, to contest and hire a lawyer should an incident occur in the future.

What we do isn't illegal, and it's high time the casinos learned they aren't an all-powerful government entity that can arrest you with no cause.

Link to The Strat backoff, which is highly amusing and incident free:



Zcore13 Dec 16, 2021

Interesting that he wouldn't even tell you the reason.

BleedingChipsSlowly Dec 17, 2021

As devilís advocate, I can understand the casinoís reasoning that they must enforce the stateís age requirement for gambling in order to operate. Discriminatory enforcement aside, the interesting question is posed of how one could verify their age without reveling their exact identity.

Zcore13 Dec 17, 2021

I'm pretty sure he said she was done playing before he demanded ID. I haven't rewatched though. That was not an ID removal. He would have just said that if that was the case. More likely,, he's a gutless supervisor with no personal skills. I'm seen a thousand of them. Just like any business or profession, there are good and bad people.

Mission146 Dec 27, 2021


One would think, if they actually cared about that, they would check ID at the door for everyone.