Posted by speedycrap
Sep 14, 2015

Speedycrap 2015 NFL suicide pool and more

Hello, everybody. I have joined a couple suicide pool this year. I will post my pick every week. also I will bet on my picks and parlaying them. plus a spread parlay. i will take my initial investment out after doubling my money. I will go as far as I could. I hope other members will join in.

Suicide Spread
Week1 Carolina $40 1.60 +$24 S.F. +2 $40 1.95 +$38 140915
Week2 N.O.


beachbumbabs Sep 20, 2015

Short blog, Speedycrap! Sorry the Saints forgot to show up for you. Even one of the Fox commentators was put out of his pool with the loss.

fansupercontest Sep 23, 2015

Here's a good site to follow the Westgate SuperContest