Posted by rickbow
Jun 02, 2016

5 Royals - Video Poker

Bear with me, this is my first post.
$1 Single line, 9-6, Double Bonus, progressive. Unbelievably, a royal each Saturday (the only day I play) for the past 5 Saturdays on the same bank of 10 machines. Total hours played during this run: 50; total hands played during this run: approximately 25000; lifetime total hands played on these machines: approximately 200,000. Any idea what the odds are for this run? Is more info needed to calculate? Understandably most think this run is made up -- until I show them the W-2Gs. Thanks.


Zcore13 Jun 02, 2016

You posted this on the personal blog you receive when you register. You would get way more views and replies if you posted using the forum link and post under video poker.

onenickelmiracle Jul 26, 2016

The odds are 100% because you did it already. Would you accept 0 as your odds of doing it again? Does how close to 0 it really is matter? Sweet run though.

AxelWolf Aug 16, 2016

Alan Mendelson claims his son hit 5 in one day in 2 different cities and still lost money.

Same guy reported (he's actually a reporter or something like that) he watch someone roll 18 YO's in a row. PS no one thought they should probably bet it at any time during this impossible feat.

I'm going to bet it once it happens 7 or 8 times in a row thinking there's something special happening (or i'm going to jail with whomever is cheating)

IMO not betting it after # 10 in a row has to be one of the dumbest gambling mistakes ever made in the history of gambling, because it dam well wasn't random.