Posted by Regeboy
Dec 30, 2021

Poker hand opinions please

I am talking 12 years or so ago, i enter into a £10 + £1 buy in to hopefully win a seat into the Sunday evening £220 buy in on William Hill, I manage to win a seat.
All in all there were around 550 plus players, the tournament started at 21:00 hrs, I have got to the stage where there are 19 playerís left and itís 03:00 hrs ( Iím due in the office at work for 08:00 hrs ) first prize is £10í200.00, there are 9 playerís left on the table I am at and I have the average in chips.
I am also on the small blind with KK pre flop, everyone has folded and I then turn to my wife who is sitting beside me and say ď Iím going all in ď she has a different opinion and says no donít do it.
The clock is now counting down so I have to make a decision soon, I decide to just call and the flop comes down 8/A/9 rainbow.
By this stage Iím annoyed with myself for not going all in initially and now decide to push all in, the big bling thinks about it and eventually calls with A/10 off suit and takes down the hand and Iím out of the tournament.
I did win £400 ( everyone from 20 down to 10 got £400 )
Do you think that the big blind would have folded if I had gone all in pre flop, considering we have been playing for 6 hours with £10í300 first prize up for grabs.
Twelve years later i still donít know how I should play AA or KK pre flop, any advice would be much appreciated.


Regeboy Dec 30, 2021

£10,200 not £10,300 my apologies.

ksdjdj Jan 01, 2022

Calling pre flop was probably the worst decision here (if you do it too often).

Calling does have it's uses, but I probably would have leaned towards a 2 to 4 BB raise (~75% of the time) All in (~20% ... ) and Call (5% ...)

I would use the above strategy whether I had AA or KK pre flop.

Note: I haven't played that many live poker tournaments ( I used to play a lot of online tournaments )

Lastly, I think you should start a thread here with the same or similar question(s) >> <<< because I think you will have more chance of getting a response.

gordonm888 Jan 01, 2022

Definitely should be raising preflop -maybe 3 to 4x with pocket KK.

All-in after the Ace has hit the board was not a good move. You probably would get rid of weak A-x, but an A-x with x>7 is likely calling. Why risk taking yourself out of the tournament to win a pot that is 2BB+ antes?

Mission146 Jan 03, 2022

I donít understand the post flop shove at all, to be honest.

If you get called, then youíre beat. What hand thatís not Aces, Two Pair or Trips is calling against your shove there? I guess maybe some open-ended straights might call, but most calls are beating you and your only hope is to catch a king.

If the BB folds, then youíve scooped up a big blind, which doesnít realize the value of pocket KK if he had a middle pair, straight draw or something.

If youíre just going to call pre-flop, then I think you have to check to BB and see what he does given the Ace that came on the flop.

Personally, I donít think Iíd ever just call KK as the SB preflop, but I think shoving with an Ace on the board was the real misplay.

Howard22 Jan 23, 2022

I had two AA cards, went to olyn and another player went with 7 2 cards and I lost. He got two pairs. How to understand such distributions?