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May 23, 2011

KC area (and Boot Hill) trip review: 5/13-5/15

Casinos Visited:
MO - Argosy, Isle of Capri, Ameristar, Harrah's, Terribles Frontier
KS: Casino White Cloud, Prairie Band Casino, Sac & Fox, Golden Eagle, Boot Hill

I stayed at Harrah's North Kansas City from 5/13 to 5/15. My room was in the Las Vegas tower, and was very nice. I would put it on par with a room at a nice Courtyard by Marriott or the like - not bad for a comped room. I was going back and forth about whether or not to take this trip. I had free car and airfare vouchers from a trip-gone-bad earlier this spring, so it all really came down to the hotel room. When I originally started looking at this trip, I was a platinum and Saturday was listed at $129. That made me think twice about booking. Then I was upgraded to diamond, and I checked again on this trip. Saturday's rate had been moved to complimentary, so I decided to make the trip.

I flew from Minneapolis to KC on friday the 13th. I was supposed to leave MSP at 2, connect through ORD, and arrive at MCI at 730. Between the date and everything that was happening in the world, I had a little more travel apprehension than usual. That problem was exaccerbated by the fact that my flight (United) from MSP to ORD was delayed through the departure for my flight from ORD to MCI. The United gate agent was very helpful and booked me on a direct Delta flight, departing at 9pm. I was able to standby and fly on a flight leaving at 3pm, arriving at 430. So, the issues with UAL's flights actually resulted in me arriving early in KC.

The only car that Hertz had available was a Chevy HHR. I don't fit in an HHR very well (the ceiling is too short), but there were no other options. I'd specifically reserved a Camry hybrid, and I did it by clicking a link that literally read "Reserve this exact model!" but that didn't stop Hertz from giving away my damn car. So I took the HHR and headed off to Harrah's. I got to Harrah's at about 6, put my bags in my room, and headed up to St. Joseph to visit the Terribles there. I would say that this is the nicest Terrible's facility I've ever been in. It was clean, only minimally rundown, and featured a good variety of games. I grabbed a burger, played Texas Shootout for about 30 minutes, and headed over to Casino White Cloud.

The American Casino Guide says that White Cloud has blackjack and three card poker tables. THERE ARE NO TABLE GAMES AT CASINO WHITE CLOUD. I think there used to be, but there are now only Shufflemaster machines. Casino White Cloud does feature a relatively good buffet, and the largest bingo hall I've ever personally seen. I'd say the bingo hall was approximately twice as large as the casino floor. And the buffet was small, but very good. You'd have to like what they were serving (I did) in order for it to be worthwhile, but it was also reasonably priced @ $7,99. I joined the players club, but there were no freebies. All in all, I was unhappy with my visit to White Cloud. ACG lied to me about the blackjack, the players club was stingy, the route from St. Joseph put me through Nebraska, and I generally wasted about 90 minutes of prime gambling time.

After calming down and leaving White Cloud, I headed southwest across northeastern KS toward the Sac & Fox casino. White Cloud was so far out of the way (I really can't stress that enough) that I ended up coming at Sac & Fox from the back. Sac & Fox is nominally in Powhattan, KS, but is a ways out of town. This proved to be a challenge for me when the casino's address didn't appear in my GPS's list of points of interest. I told it to send me to 100 main street in Powhattan, and assumed that from there I could just look for the big neon building. That method failed, so I had to wander through town until I found the highway which featured a giant "to casino" sign. For a Friday night, Sac & Fox was pretty dead. I joined the players club, spun through my $5 free play (netted $3.75 playing JoB), and went to play BJ. The table had a permanent $5-$300 sign, so I guess there's no raising the limits at peak times. I played through a couple shoes, and headed out to find the Golden Eagle casino in Mayetta.

The Golden Eagle is a little bigger and a little nicer than the Sac & Fox, which was a little bigger and nicer than the White Cloud. I joined the players club at Golden Eagle, and received $10 in free play (netted $1.25. damnit!) I found a $5 BJ table, and played 1 shoe. I'd have stayed longer, but the casino had maybe the worst band I'd ever heard. Calling it a band is too kind. The casino had the worst dude with a guitar and chick on keyboard that I've ever heard. Neither of them was skilled at their instrument, and neither of them could sing. at all. If karaoke also allowed people to play instruments, and then the same two people hogged the stage all night, that'd be these two. Anyway, my ears started bleeding so I had to run to the exit.

Without any other information, I'd expected the Prairie Band casino to be small and drab. After all, they barely bothered to name the place. But I was pleasantly surprised. The casino was both large and nice. It's in Mayetta, which is quite close to Topeka. From the looks of the crowd, they get a lot of University business. I joined the players club, and got $25 in free play. After turning the free play into $90, I went looking for a BJ table. All of the tables were posted at $15, but several were empty. I couldn't talk anyone into lowering the limit for me, so I begrudgingly played 1 shoe at the $15 limit. I don't think I lost a hand during the shoe. I definitely pushed a lot, but I don't think there was one net loss (I split 8s and chopped once). I cashed out up $260, thanked the floor supervisor for not letting me play for $5, and headed to the cashier.

On saturday the 14th, I drove over to Boot Hill. The drive, while long (5 hours one way), was prettier than I'd expected. The ACG shows Boot Hill straight south of KC, along the MO border. I didn't have any reason to doubt that, so I was a little surprised when I learned that it's actually across the state near Garden City. I left KC at about 10am, and arrived at boot hill at 330. I was very surprised by how small the casino was. It's new, and it's nice. I poked around the convention center, and it was impressive. The casino is in a relatively rural area, away from anything approaching a major airport or metro hub. Hopefully, that convention center will get some use. I joined the players club, got nothing, and played BJ. I wanted to eat at boot hill, but the deli was having some sort of cleaning issue and it was mid-afternoon so the buffet was down for the changeover heading into dinner. I went into Dodge Center and just ran through Wendy's on my way back to KC. I arrived back at Harrah's at about 11pm. I intended to go to sleep, but decided that I wasn't done gambling yet and headed to Isle of Capri.

Isle of Capri was pretty much as expected, not anywhere as nice as Harrah's, but not really bad, either. Just soulless, poorly themed, and kind of just "there." The casino was plenty busy (it was midnight saturday), and I had a hard time finding parking. On the walk in from the lot, I very nearly got run over by a stretch yellow hummer limo. Somehow, that vehicle fit right in... Isle of Capri has a Texas Shootout table, and I really liked that game at Terribles the night before, so I sat down there. I had a very odd experience at this table. It was full, no seats were reserved, and I sat next to a middle-aged woman. If we were playing tee-ball, I'd have been at the infield position between short and third base. After about 10 minutes, her husband walked up and said "thats my wife" I responded with "ummm...congratulations?" the dealer said "yeah, he wants your seat." I said "whaaaaaa?" and the dealer said "let him sit by his wife." I said "there are no other open seats," and the dealer said "that's not my problem." I thought about saying "it's not mine either" but instead just left to go to Argosy. I think this is the only time I've ever failed to color up when leaving the table. I carried $135 in red to the cage with me.

Argosy and Ameristar were very very similar. I don't even see a reason to comment on them separately. Both are relatively nice, both are relatively convenient. Both have a variety of games, including Texas Shootout. I guess it's a regional thing?

I spent sunday morning and afternoon at Harrah's. I do think I liked it best out of all of the casinos, and I think that's not just because it's where my bed was. The smallish, two level layout was a bit odd, but Harrah's was the nicest of the casinos that I visited. I know, that's kind of a sad statement... Harrah's also has Texas Shootout, but it's played slightly differently. In a misguided attempt at game protection, each player is required to place his cards face UP in front of him. Anyone willing to wait and act last would be able to count this game relatively effectively. After several hours, I got bored with the Shootout and took a little walk. I found a very interesting bank of slots. The base game was played on a different physical facing than the bonus game or bonus resolution screen. So, the face of the machine physically rotates as you play. I did not spend much time (or money) investigating this game, but it was an interesting idea.


I drove 1023 miles in 3 days. United can't fly on time, Hertz just gives whatever the hell car it wants, Harrah's KC has nice rooms, Dodge City is a LONG way from KC, there are no table games at Casino White Cloud, and the American Casino Guide is lacking for accuracy. The KC area is a fun place to play, with the corporate casinos in MO being a better locale than the indian casinos in KS. The indian casinos did have nicer sign-up offers. Texas Shootout seems to be a regional favorite.


FleaStiff May 24, 2011

Isle of Capri incident: Only YOUR spouse can boot you out of your seat, not someone else's spouse! Perhaps they were regulars and you were not. Strange, but I would not think that any rudeness or idiocy is impossible to encounter in an Isle of Capri casino.

For some of these geographically remote casinos, I'd check online sources and see what is said about location and offerings before planning a trip there.

teddys May 24, 2011

Nice. I've also found Harrah's to be the market leader in quality in most places I've been.

midwestgb May 24, 2011

Thanks for this. BTW, Kansas City, Kansas is adding a new Hollywood Casino being built in partnership with the state of Kansas and the Kansas Speedway on the west side of the K.C. metro area in Kansas, along I-70. Should open early next year, and is halfway done just now. The gaming company involved is Penn National, which also owns the Argosy nearby on the Missouri side. The metro K.C. area will then have 5 larger-scale gaming properties.

Tiltpoul Jul 06, 2011

You were visiting some of my old stomping grounds with Kansas City. I did the Indian tour one time, and that was plenty for me. I will note that, I think it was Sac and Fox, but maybe Golden Eagle (they all are a blur, as they were all boring as hell) had a Double Deck table with fairly favorable rules and they were pitch tables. Even though you could only double on 9-11, the dealers often forgot that and I would double on soft hands as well. They stood on soft 17 and I think they had surrender too.

Kansas City casinos are some of my favorites for an affordable gambling experience. Harrah's was/is my favorite of the group, but Argosy deserves credit for having the NICEST hotel (it's Vegas nice, seriously!!). Ameristar is the big, bad mother in town, and although my mom is in their top tier, I don't really care for Ameristar. I'm surprised to hear Isle got Shootout, but to be honest, they are the only casino in town to experiment regularly with games. They were the first with Mississippi Stud, Ultimate Hold'Em, and they have had some CRAZY games there. The service is subpar, so I only played there when I wanted to see what changes they made, which was frequent.

Btw, Prairie Band used to be Harrah's Prairie Band, so that's why it's a bit nicer than the others. And yeah, Dodge City is way out in the middle of nowhere.

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Apr 19, 2011

Foxwoods Vs Mohegan Sun

I spent Friday, April 15th, in CT following a business trip to New England. I visited both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun on Friday night. This was my first trip to both properties.


Holy crap!! No matter how many people told me how huge Foxwoods was, I still wasn't prepared for it. I was a little confused by the layout at first, but found my way around pretty well by the end of my 3 hour visit. I played BJ at MGM, and PGP at Foxwoods proper. Foxwoods allows player banking, and the right to bank rotates counter-clockwise. Any player who wants to bank may do so, and if a player declines to bank, the button moves to the next player. This is the most liberal form of banking policy, and is much appreciated. For the 20 minutes I played alone against the dealer (out of about 90 minutes of total play) we traded the banker button every-other hand.

Foxwoods gave me $10 in freeplay for joining their players club. I had a hard time getting the slip to be accepted in a machine. Finally, after 5 minutes of trying various machines, it worked in a Beijing Bonanza slot. I decided to play the max and get it over with as soon as possible. Very luckily, a bonus hit during my freeplay. In the bonus free spins, 4 wilds was hit and my multiplier was 20x. That was about a $500 hit:)

Mohegan Sun:

I kind of wish I hadn't gone to Foxwoods first. Mohegan Sun is very nice. It's big, and fancy, and fun. There are lots of tables, lots of slots, dining options, and lots of parking. But it's not as big or varied or fun as Foxwoods. From a play perspective, Mohegan Sun was good to me. I met a couple folks in line at the (a) bar, and played slots with them for a bit. It was one of those fishing things with linked progressives. I hit the bonus, and caught one of the larger fish. Net, that was a $350ish win.

General Gripe:

I noticed in PA and now in MA that the turnpikes have one booth for both directions. You pay, then turn the direction you want to go. In both states, I had the same problem: as a cash payer, I was forced all the way to one side. Then, I wound up wanting to turn the other way, and couldn't get over in time. With no u turns and limited exits, that cost me about 20 miles round trip in PA and 35 miles round trip in MA. In MA, it almost cost me the ability to make my flight back out of Manchester.


FleaStiff Apr 19, 2011

Foxwoods. Yeah huge and the "tribe" was created by lawyers.

Driving in the NE... you must be some kind of nutcase trying to change lanes but not force the other cars to jam on their brakes!

DJTeddyBear Apr 25, 2011

I have a long review / comparison of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun located here:


I too prefer Mohegan Sun.

My short analysis:

Foxwoods looks like it was designed by someone who designs strip malls, and threw in some Indian designs, almost as an afterthought.

Mohegan Sun looks like the white man's idea of what an Indian resort should look like.

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Apr 19, 2011

NJ/PA/DE trip report

I spent the week from 3/27-4/1 in Philly for work. I also found some time to visit casinos during that time. Here is my report of that trip:

Sunday, March 27th:

Casinos Visited:
Harrahs AC
Trump Marina
Trump Taj Mahal
Bally's (where I stayed)

This was a sunday night. It was busier than I'd expected it to be. I also was not prepared for the paid garage situation. I thought the attendant at Borgata was going to kill me when the only cash I had on me were the $100s that I'd taken out of their ATM. Of these casinos, I thought Borgata and Taj were the nicest. Borgata had the highest minimum stakes on their games, and even their average slot/VP denominations were higher than at other placest. For reference, there is a $.05 Sex and the City slot machine on the floor at Borgata. That game is almost always $.01 denominated. There's a $.02 version in the high limit room at Horseshoe Southern Indiana. Harrah's and Resorts seemed to be a nice middle level, and Showboat and Marina were what I'd consider to be lower end casinos. The players club welcome bonus at Trump Marina ($20) was the nicest I received this day.

My Play:
I played a lot of Ultimate Texas Holdem/Texas Holdem Bonus on this trip. I use a $100 buy in and a double up/bust out system for each session. I was 2-4 on this evening ($200 down).

Gripe of the day:
I stayed at Bally's because Totalrewards.com let me reserve a comped Bally's Tower room. When I arrived, they put me in the Claridge Tower. It kind of sucked. The elevators were slow and unreliable. The room was small and tired. And, I'm pretty sure there was more dust than filling in the comforter.

Monday, March 28th:

Casinos Visited:
Harrah's Chester
Dover Downs
Harrington casino
Delaware Park

I really enjoyed the trip down into Delaware. My GPS didn't do me any favors in helping to find Dover Downs or Harrington Casino, but they were fun places. Dover Downs just sent me a very good offer, which I'm half-tempted to actually use. $150 in free play on each of 2 consecutive weeks, with a free night's stay. The free hotel room is available on the bubble day between the two weeks (I could stay for 1 day and use the free play twice). I only played there for about 20 minutes, and I only lost $100 to them. I'm not sure why they think I'm that valuable.

Harrah's Chester was borderline scary to drive to, but the property itself was very nice. I liked it so much, I returned later in the week. Limits and games were varied, and the food is good and cheap.

My Play:
I had a good day. I was 3-1 on my double-up method, and I hit a full house along the way. So I was up about $250 for the day.

Tuesday, March 29th:

Casinos Visited:
Hilton AC
Tropicana AC
Bally's/Claridge/Wild Wild West
Trump Plaza

AC Hilton has a very nice view up the boardwalk from the buffet entrance, but was otherwise depressing. The Trop would be a fun place to play if more people were there. I wish I'd visited on Sunday or Friday and not on tuesday. The Plaza was nice, but soulless. Caesars was fun, and well laid out. I played THB and bet $5 on the bonus for the dealer. Got A-J suited (20:1). She was pretty happy. The hand won as well, and put me over my $100 mark for the session.

Bally's (actually, Wild Wild West) is the only place I played a different game. I couldn't resist trying Pai Gow Mania. It was pretty fun, but sloooooooooow. The game involves a 3 card bet, 7 card bonus bet, and 7 card regular Pai Gow Poker bet. The slowness comes from the time it takes to deal 3 cards, have a bet resolution, then deal 4 more cards. I probably wouldn't play again, but those 10 hands sure were a fun way to fill 90 minutes.

My Play: went 2-2 on the hold-em games, lost $100 on pai gow mania at Bally's.

Wednesday, March 30th:

Casinos visited:
Bethlehem Sands
Sugar House

I checked out of Bally's and moved to the Comfort Suites in King of Prussia for the remainder of the week. Comfort Suites is a value chain, but it's about 10 times nicer than the Claridge tower at Bally's. Also, shame on Caesars Entertainment for not allowing rewards points to be used to pay for resort fees or taxes.

There were a lot of random things that happened on this trip, and I'll list some of them later. I definitely had a lot of fun at Parx, where the randomness abounded. Sugarhouse was sort of a surreal place. Almost post-modern, which isn't really what you want to go for in a casino. I don't know if Philly is an especially Douchy place, but it seems like that's the Sugar House target market. I thought the sands was very nice. Moreso than the other northeastern PA casinos.

My play: 0 for 3. Damnation. At least the play was fun.

Thursday, March 31st:

Casinos visited:
Hollywood Penn National
Mount Airy
Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

I was only at Hollywood for maaaaybe 5 minutes. I stopped in on my way to a business lunch in Chambersburg, and I mis-judged how long the drive over from Philly would take. It struck me as being nicely upscale, but poorly laid out. It's kind of doughnut shaped, and is the only casino I can recall being in where the cashier's cage is far from the table games pit.

After lunch, I headed up to Mohegan Sun. The drive up there was quick and easy, but the casino was under-whelming. Maybe it's just that the Mohegan sun in CT is so nice, but I didn't see what I wanted to at Pocono Downs.

On the way from Pocono Downs to Mount Airy I experienced something I've never seen before. It was like simultaneous fog and white-out snow. I literally couldn't see the front of my own car. What do you do in that situation? Pulling over isnt an option (can't see the edge of the road), and continuing to drive is crazy. But you cant really stop in the middle of the highway either. That was some intense shit, and probably cost me about 2 hours in drive time (and 2 months off of the end of my life).

My play: I was 1-1 at Pocono and Mt. Airy, and down $5 from the short time I played at Penn National. I flopped 4 to the royal at Mt. Airy, 10-K, but couldn't complete the hand.

Friday, April 1:

Returned to Harrahs Chester, hung out for about 6 hours before my flight back to MN. Did nothing but bleed money.

General randomness:

I think I've mentioned before that I've kind of befriended a group of slot-squatters here in MN. They're harmless guys, who hangout drinking free soda and waiting for people to leave accumulating slots in high states (green stamps, etc). Anyway, at Mount Airy, I was walking past the Golden Monkey machines and I hear this "Hello, my friend. My Friend!!" And it's one of those guys! Apparently, they travel to slot-squat so that they don't draw too much attention in one area.

At Parx, on the revolving door, there's a sticker that details what not to do in it. In addition to leaning on the door, or crowding into one compartment, its apparently a bad idea to play soccer in the door (sorry, guys!).

The Harrington Casino has the best casino buffet in the DelMarVa area. I know that because they told me. Of course, Dover Downs is the only other casino in the area, and being the best of two is kind of lame...

I played with the same guy at 5 of the AC casinos over 3 days. With no planning. I guess the Bally's, Caesars, Plaza combo is maybe not so special since they're so close. But adding in Hilton and the Trop was just surreal.

I think that with this trip, the St Louis trip, and my trip to CT last week, I've now been to 164 casinos in the last 8 months. With trips to Denver, KC, Omaha, and reno planned before Sept, and maybe Biloxi/Tunica/LA in October, I should be over 200 in 12 months (not counting repeats in LV at WovCon).


teddys Apr 19, 2011

Well, you are so close now, why not try and hit every commercial (non-Indian) casino in the counrty

TIMSPEED Apr 19, 2011

When you have Reno planned, before sure to post beforehand so I can give you some pointers. (if you care)

rdw4potus Apr 19, 2011

Tim- Will do! Would appreciate pointers, especially about the outlying properties.

teddys - assume CO, KC, MS/LA, Omaha, and Reno trips happen. I think that only leaves the Harrah's properties in So Cal and Phoenix, a smattering of rural northern NV properties, West Virginia, western PA, and Detroit. (plus the urban OH properties when they open) I might get to western PA in October. There's a conference I want to attend in Pittsburgh. that might also cover off most of WV.

teddys Apr 19, 2011

SoCal and Phoenix are Indian, so feel free not to count those. Also, Deadwood, South Dakota (do they have table games?) Nevada could be a whole adventure in itself (ever read Blackjack Autumn?) Have you done Iowa already? Don't forget Kansas (on second thought, do).

rdw4potus Apr 20, 2011

I think Kansas is in the Ohio category: The corporate casinos haven't opened yet (exception: Boot Hill). I'm going to KC in 3 weeks, so I'll do the MO casinos around KC and the indian casinos on the KS side. Not sure about driving down to Boot Hill or over to whatever-the-hell-the-casino-in-west-Kansas-is-called.

I've done about half of Iowa, and more will be visited when I go to Omaha in July. I guess I'm also missing a couple in Illinois (the north-western quarter of the state). And, technically, the Indianapolis area casinos. I don't know what to think about those. I hear there are real chips but computerized games?

Ayecarumba Apr 20, 2011

FWIW, there are several, non-tribal, commercial "card room" casinos in California. They offer a variety of "player banked" games besides the traditional poker offerings. BJ, 3CP, PG tiles, PGP, Baccarat, EZBacc.

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Apr 19, 2011

1060 miles!! (St. Louis area trip report)

On April 8th-10th, I spent some time gambling in and around the Saint Louis area.

I visited:

Friday, April 8th:
Harrah's Saint Louis
Casino Queen

Saturday, April 9th:
Harrah's Metropolis
Lady Luck Caruthersville
Isle of Capri Boonville
Terrible's Mark Twain Casino La Grange

River City
Lumiere Place

I was going to write up a full trip report, but the more I thought about things the more I realized that only 4 interesting things happened:
1. Hertz failed to actually reserve the vehicle I wanted. I ended up with a regular full size car, which was OK but not ideal. I asked for a full size hybrid, and reserved 10 weeks in advance. I arrived within 3 minutes of my estimated arrival. I'm still a little upset that they screwed me out of ~$70 (one tank of gas).
2. Even on Friday and Saturday nights, limits were very low at Harrahs, Ameristar, Isle of Capri, and Terribles. Tables were full, but limits rarely hit $15 on BJ, $10 on UTH/THB, and were still at $5 on LIR/TCP/MS Stud. Limits were higher in Illinois at Argosy and Casino Queen. Are the lower limits legislated in Missouri? If not, the larger and nicer properties are very much losing out by not raising limits in crowded casinos during peak times...
3. I tried to go to Lumiere Place on Saturday night. I couldn't find parking within 5 blocks of the casino, gave up, and went across the river to the Casino Queen. I have to think that the lack of parking availability hurts the casino and hotels in the Lumiere complex downtown.
4. The guy at Hertz who processed my return could not fathom how I'd driven 1060 miles in 2 days. Then I told him that 800 miles of it was on saturday (STL to Metropolis to Caruthersville to Boonville to La Grange to STL). He offered to see if they could refund me some of the extra fuel expense that was incurred as a result of their inability to give me the car I'd reserved. I'm waiting to hear how that turns out.


teddys Apr 19, 2011

What, no Alton Belle? Seriously, you are nuts. No way should you drive from St. Louis to Carruthersville/Boonville/LaGrange for those 2-bit sawdust joints. Harrah's Metropolis is nice; but it's not worth going to nowheresville, Illinois, for. (Although, I confess I did enjoy playing craps at the LL). You could have taken the light rail from Lumiere Place to Casino Queen.

Man, I hope you have a generous expense account.

rdw4potus Apr 19, 2011

Yes, Alton Belle. I couldn't think of the actual name, and called it the Argosy above.

The expense account is kind of crappy, but they do let me keep/use my own travel rewards. So I paid basically nothing for my flight, hotel, and car on this trip. I managed to break even on the gambling (more or less - down about $70), so I was only really on the hook for gas and food.

Ayecarumba Apr 19, 2011

This is the second time teddys has called you "nuts".... and I am starting to think he is right. :) 800 miles is a lot of butt time in a single day. It had to take you 15+ hours. My astronaut diaper salutes you....

But the really important question... How do their chips look?

rdw4potus Apr 19, 2011

The chips look great. I am working on cleaning the collection, then I'll take some pictures and find a way to get them uploaded.

teddys Apr 19, 2011

I am only slightly less nuts, which qualifies me to call you nuts :) I did a trip that included Belterra, HSI, Casino Aztar, Metropolis, Lady Luck, and every casino in Tunica. The three before the last were NOT worth going to, especially in bad weather. I was also upset that the bridge in Cairo, Illinois was closed because I really wanted to stop there. The Mississippi was magnificent, swollen with rains.

I take that back -- Harrah's Metropolis had a really good meal in their Diamond Lounge -- pork loin with apple glaze, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and lemon icebox pie ... mmm ....

I also stopped at Boomland.

Posted by rdw4potus
Mar 07, 2011

HSI Trip report

...OK, so half-assed HSI trip report would be a better name.

I spent he week from 2/27/11-3/4/11 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. Here are some notes from the trip:

1. Check-in: I was upgraded to a jacuzzi room without asking. Too bad it was surrounded by rooms with small children. Also too bad I was traveling alone. Still, a nice gesture.

2. Meals: I'm a big fan of JB's cafe. Burgers are great, desserts are huge, and service is relatively quick. I also ate at Legends. The food was good enough, but the price was also somewhat high. I still haven't managed to eat at the steakhouse - their hours are too restrictive for me, I guess. I have no interest in the buffet, but I hear it's better than the old one.

3. Play: I played about 25 hours of Pai Gow Poker over 5 nights at an average bet of $200/hand on two hands ($400/round). I tried a new method this time around, which I kind of liked (probably because I won...): After each evening's session of play, I'd go all in on the last hand. That resulted in me betting, and winning, 4 of the biggest hands of my life on Wednesday and Thursday. All total for the week, I finished net up about $3k. Not bad for a "business" trip:-)

4. Rating: I almost never play at this level, and the one thing that stands out to me is exactly how poorly Caesar's rates its table games players. I *did* stay for free all week, but the cash comps were laughably bad. 25 hours * 30 hands/hour * 2 spots * $200/spot = $300,000 handle. If the HA in PGP is 2%, then I "should" have lost $6000 (not for nothing, but that's over my BR for the trip). I received $80 in points for the trip, which is about 1.3% of my theoretical loss.

5. Odds & Ends: On Thursday, I played with a guy whose wife had had a baby on Saturday. He was taking some good-natured ribbing from the dealers and his host about being at the casino 5 days after the birth of his first child. After a few minutes, he got a kind of confused look on his face and said "Y'all *do* know that my wife is here, too, right? She's just eating right now." wow.

*edit* I DID now receive word that I achieved diamond status as a result of my daily play during this trip. HSI had previously told me that I didn't qualify, but I guess that they've now sorted out my table games play and upgraded me. To their credit, they did this without further prodding from me.


FleaStiff Mar 07, 2011

That new method sure worked out well.

Rating? At 1.3 percent (when "average" is supposedly 22 percent) I'd have said something to them! What do you have to lose? Had their computers been asleep for awhile or something?

The new father? Heck, one woman got comped to a Vegas show by her Father in Law and between the excitement of a trip to Vegas, the free show tickets, the alcohol, etc. she and her husband got a little too relaxed and later discovered a new meaning to the phrase Vegas, Baby.

rdw4potus Mar 08, 2011

My play was good for about 8000 tier credits. Is there a ratio of 1 tier credit to $.01 of comp dollars? That math works out almost exactly, when I factor out the 3 hours or so that I played video poker.

teddys Mar 11, 2011

You should ask for a host if you don't already have one there. When I played a bunch of video poker there, they assigned me a host. I haven't used her services, but it's nice to know it's there.