Posted by rah59
Feb 01, 2014


I have been playing an online texas holdem poker game and it sure seems like there are a lot of good hands being dealt i have played for years, and i don't remember so many full houses being dealt i have been wondering if maybe the game is "enhanced" so that the pots are bigger when playing with 5 or 6 buddies seems like 2 pair was a good hand flush or a straight every now and then and a full house every once in awhile but just this morning online there was 3 full houses back to back and in the last few days 4 of a kind has come up too many times there are up to 9 players. just seems odd to me that 2 pair won't win squat i can see the flushes and straights increase some with 9 players, but even after 4 or 5 drop out before the flop. i was trying to find out how many times a full house is dealt within a certain number of hands. i am confident you can figure that out


Buzzard Feb 01, 2014

Online plays a lot more hands per hour. Probably all in your imagination.

odiousgambit Feb 10, 2014

gee, rah-rah never came back to see what anyone posted, whodathunkit?