Posted by quid2850
Feb 09, 2013

Pai Gow

> When using your two pair rule in pai gow What do you do with four 2's and
> no ace or king in hand?


teddys Feb 09, 2013

split 'em

FinsRule Feb 09, 2013

I'm not splitting 4 twos. Live to fight another day.

TheBigPaybak Feb 11, 2013

I'd keep them together, which I *think* is the proper play for that hand, regardless of your remaining three cards. By keeping them together, you're almost certainly not going to lose, and you may win if the dealer draws a flush or straight with "no top", for example.

JB Feb 13, 2013

A pair of twos in the low hand is mediocre, and a pair of twos in the high hand is terrible. Obviously you should keep the quad together.

Ayecarumba Feb 13, 2013

Doesn't matter since you will have a nice payday on the side bet... You did make the side bet, didn't you? hehe.