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Dec 29, 2018

My best Craps martingale strategy New


OnceDear Dec 29, 2018

Yayyyyy. Thank you. Another fun way to lose money. Just what I needed.

To the original poster. I earnestly and sincerely urge you to raise as much cash as you can: Pawn your possessions : Remortgage your house : Max out your credit cards and max out pay-day loans and go and invest it all at your favourite casino.(**terms and conditions apply)

Make sure you set enough aside to buy a cardboard box, a dirty blanket, a scrawny dog and a paper cup.

Whatever you do. Don't reveal the secret to your 'Strategy' * anywhere, or the vast unwashed will exploit it and soon the casinos will either stop offering Craps or they'll go broke. Just keep schtum and take the casinos for every cent they have.

* It's not a strategy. It's a system... A system for losing money in an amusing and sometimes exciting way.

** No. I would not really advise that, because it would be a dumb idea: As dumb as playing your system with any amount of real money.

odiousgambit Dec 30, 2018

so you need to make a new thread and a new blogpost both? the blogpost just to advertise the thread.

I know you said you weren't monetizing, but something stinks in Denmark

mustangsally Dec 31, 2018

well other craps system teachers charge 50% of winnings when a fish takes the bait and puts up the bankroll. They win nothing because the session was against them so they do not pay the teacher. They win something in the session and gladly pay the teacher their fee. Teacher just has to show up. win-win

thank you for sharing


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Dec 27, 2018

Best crap strategies
These are all viable strategies Iíve come up with they are linked to my YouTube but I assure you Iím not posting this for views or money my you tube is not monetized and I have 1 subscriber lol idc about youtube i just shared my strategies on there and here cause I want people to see them tell me which is your guys favorite