Posted by MMo1
Jun 15, 2024

Online Texas Holdem Game

Ok,where to start! I've been playing a online Texas holdem game and their site says everything is above boards(random number generator picks the cards). I've had my suspicions this isn't all true algorithm or something they can change that affects the game ie. Extremely high numbers of a certain hand appearing for extended periods of time, things just to bizarre to list and so far off the chart on what I would think the odds are of theses things happening. So the game is nine player single table you loose your money your out. Ok here's where it gets crazy made it to the final two. We are all in if I win the hand I win the table. I'm dealt a pair of Aces he's dealt an Ace and a jack of diamonds the flop comes with the last 2 cards being a diamonds. The next card and the river both diamonds. This seems so far off the charts odds wise that I can't believe a random number generator would do this. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what the odds are of this happening? things like this happen all the time with this game just not this so far out there. To make matters worse I had just bought an in app purchase say an hour before. Any insites would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone think this is almost impossible odds wise?
Thank You MMO1


odiousgambit Jun 16, 2024

if you have a question blogposts are not the best way

It is quite notorious but common bad luck to lose in Holdem while holding a pair of aces, the best hand you can start with. But it is not much better than AK suited especially, or, in this case, AJ suited. The reason is, the AJ suited can become a straight or a flush easily with 'top ranked' such hand a guarantee if it happens. And the odds of AJ becoming 3 of a kind or better are almost just as good as holding the aces.

Holding your pair of aces, you've made it more difficult to get a straight or flush than your opponent, who didn't need 5 diamonds to show up .... just 3

odiousgambit Jun 16, 2024

not to mention that AJ suited in your hand means your big betting opponent, who is likely looking for an ace? you can see how you know something he doesnt

DavidCasinoMast Jul 16, 2024

The scenario you described does seem unusual but isn't impossible. The odds of your opponent hitting a flush with four diamonds on the board when holding Ace-Jack of diamonds are about 4.2%. While it's a rare event, it's not outside the realm of possibility for a random number generator.