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Jul 13, 2017

From the Myths Onscreen Down the Losing Streak of Hoodies

What should you wear in a casino? It depends on whom you ask. James Bond would probably profess something about “A perfectly tailored suit in 50 shades of black with a license to kill.”

Ginger in Martin Scorsese's Casino, a slick character perfectly in sync with Sharon Stone's inherent sensuality, would most definitely opt for a standout sequin dress and diamond-studded high heels to knock men senseless and keep them on their toes.

All too often, however, onscreen glamor has little to do with off-camera reality. One is a myth, the other the mundane.

The former portrays a micro-universe of seductive beauties that would better adorn the Monte Carlo Casino (even Robert de Niro fits the description with his perfectly groomed look and the 70 different bespoke suits he wears in the “Casino”).

The latter introduces the lazy outfit, the ultimate attire that spells “I've rolled the dice this morning and here's what my wardrobe spat out” - which, more often than not, it's sweatpants and a T-shirt.

Although, you can simply forget about all dress etiquette if you simply gamble from the comforts of your home.

For example, snug pajamas and plush slippers should be your outfit of choice for an evening at (Link removed to online casino. You think you're pretty smart hiding within this long blog huh?) an online casino site where you can cross the threshold of more than 5000 casinos and spin the reels without a fashion critic breathing down your neck.

High Fashion versus High Rollers

American patrons seem to have given up on the dress code imported- once upon a time- from European haute-couture gambling dens such as Ritz Club London or Gibraltar's five-star Sunburn yacht hotel.

Even the high rollers are shrugging an indifferent “Pass” on the high fashion of yesteryear. Not to mention the cards sharks whose “casual 90s Slim Shady look” grace the banners of the biggest poker tournaments worldwide.
Casino Fashion On a Losing Streak

Hoodies and Sunglasses are rolling out on the poker runway, making one wonder if these great whites should not also sink their teeth into a lesson on the benefits of smart-dressing.


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