Posted by Marcusclark66
Jan 06, 2022

A Day In The Life of a Casino Security Supervisor

Now, A Day In The LifeÖ.l

The way I feel when I am engaged in my profession.

Yes Sir, pulling up into my casinos parking lot, this is my song with the visions from the classic Miami Vice TV Show.

Last night everything was relatively calm. Normal protocols, schedules met, no incidents. Did several rounds, signed off on all my guys and gals, did my paperwork. I was trying to wind down late into the shift. Coffee time break. Oh yes, Starbucks and a giant pastry on the side.

As I was in the middle of my break, I was at one of our computer screening stations and a phone call comes in from the main pit and on the other end of the phone was a floor person requesting security officers as fast as possible for an on-floor physical dealer altercation taking place. Another security officer in the same room is yelling at me to pull up the camera in the pit the floor just alerted me to.

I quickly see what is happening and I jump up and run to the pit. Midway I was joined by two other security officers already running to the scene, all three of us running at full stride on the casino floor. We get to the pit and two dealers are engaged in physical confrontation.

Now I see who is involved and everything is flashing back into my mind of what happened on August 21, 2021 and if you guys remember, one of our dealers at the casino I work for was discovered having sex with a casino patron in a car parked on Casino property. Now to complicate matters the patron is a very well-known business owner in our local community. The dealer is what we entitle a lead dealer, who has extensive experience and time on the job with a flawless record. And if you remember that dealer was married with a family same as the casino patron was. That incident was documented and it was swept away in the proper way without terminating the dealer or exposing the patron.

The one dealer who was the subject of the parking lot sex show is screaming at another dealer, seemingly about the patron that she was having sex with previously. Turns out she is now approximately 4 1/2 months pregnant by that same casino patron and he is now the boyfriend of the other dealer whom was involved in this on floor pit altercation.

Meanwhile several players were at both the dealerís tables and they were all standing up wondering what the catfight was all about and what was going to happen next.

Once everything was broke up and the two dealers separated, I made sure that the one pregnant dealer didnít need medical attention which she declined. The two dealers were then escorted away from the pit. We all noticed a large amount of chips on the floor. Turned out the dealer that took up the pregnant dealers married boyfriend said something along the lines of, what you canít hold onto your lovers huh? The pregnant dealer picked up a several handfuls of chips and threw them at the other one yelling, there you whore you want money take money, youíre a no good whore. Then a fight broke out, physically face punching and slapping followed by a wrestling match, quite a scene.

Had to close both tables for inventory purposes as well as covering all those playerís chips at each table and crediting them in equal amounts at other tables. Lots of paperwork and brass calling after it was all over. Late night, extra shift. Called home, donít wait up.

Just another Day In The Life of a Casino Security SupervisorÖ..

Marcus Clark AKA MarcusClark66


MDawg Jan 06, 2022

Wow, what a mess!

OnceDear Jan 07, 2022

Thanks Marcus,

A very detailed and entertaining report.

As was mentioned in the earlier thread where you described some of the background, are you not concerned that your managers or some of the characters in this event, might disapprove of you publishing such a level of detail?

Or maybe that you are potentially prejudicing some forthcoming disciplinary hearing? Just curious.

Marcusclark66 Jan 07, 2022

Timed lined to protect those concerns.

SOOPOO Jan 08, 2022

Sounds like both need to be fired. If not both , then for sure the one who threw chips. Do you just decide to stay OT to clean up the mess or do you need approval from a higher up? NOT saying this about this situation, but long ago there was an aide who would magically find a problem right before shift end, and would stay hours to fix the problem (if it really existed). Rule was implemented that any OT needed a supervisorís name attached.

Marcusclark66 Jan 08, 2022

Oh believe me, I was ordered to stay and clean it all up and file the required documents.

Marcusclark66 Jan 08, 2022

Last night.

Slip and fall on the walkway way between the parking lot and the entrance way concerning an elderly person. Transported by ambulance to a hospital with an extremely obvious injury.

Right after that a meeting of the local Ďwant to be gangstersí in another parking area complete with their beer and loud music playing. Dispersing them was a chore including numerous trespassing charges due to their attitudes, uncooperative states and smashing numerous glass bottles.

Okay, had the typical Friday night upsets, letís get back inside the building, grab some coffe and just make the normal rounds.

Yeah right. Minuets later over the radio comes a disturbance at the main entrance where several college student aged and looking people are squaring off on one of our local biker club retired people about the wearing of face masks on our property. Whereas the college kids are shouting the right to freedom and the biker group is shouting back, their right to live and not be exposed to Covid-19. My resolution to the problem was getting a host to comp burgers and beer to the biker group and comp a sit down dinner to the college group if they will wear masks while on our property all night. Worked perfectly!

Got my coffee and made my rounds.

Then one of our VIPs in the high limit room refused to play with anything larger than black chips with an equal wagering desire to place half green and black on his bets. Had to remove all the higher valued and RFID chips as well as keep security in the room with fills ready to go onto the table. The patron also refused to color up. Ultimately I donít know how it turned out as I left the property while he was still engaged in play.

Marcusclark66 Jan 12, 2022

Very unique meetings and seminars I was involved in today.

* What is expected of the casino employee when the patron loses their funds and complains.

* Patrons that become abusive because they seemingly lost their funds.

* When and to what level is extra consideration extended to larger wagering patrons when they are losing or lost their funds.

Marcusclark66 Jan 14, 2022

Double shift. Friday, of course. Lots of guys calling in sick. 16 hours to look forward to on a Friday with the majority of the casino patrons drinking alcohol and trying to remember the correct regime to beat the casino. Lol.

Marcusclark66 Jan 14, 2022

Now I guess the thing to do for attention on the floor is, The Antonio Brown.

Already had a pair of them at the craps table and itís not even midnight yet.