Posted by jsvegas
Jan 18, 2022

Harrahs Blackjack High Roller Options

Hello…played at Harrahs High Rollers Blackjack table the other night…2 tables…both 3:2…one was hit on soft 17..2 deck….the other stand on 17 …4 deck …which one is better player edge?


OnceDear Jan 18, 2022

Which card counting system did you use and what was the penetration?

teddys Feb 03, 2022

They are about the same HOUSE edge. You don't have a player's edge unless you are counting.

Posted by jsvegas
Dec 11, 2015

Pass Line Bet with Come Bets

With come bets out and working...a point is rolled ...is there a strategy on what should be placed on the pass line bet for the come out till next to help off set the working come bets in case a 7 is rolled? At this point the pass line bet gets paid but all of the working come bets are lost.


NokTang Dec 11, 2015

It depends on the odds on the come bet(s). Are they working, do they have to be called on/off? It varies by casino and of course, experience of the dealers and attention being given by the "boxman" if one exists. You are in an area which while seems quite simple to those of us who understand the game, you will be surprised how many actually "working" the game don't. They have lives and are just putting in the time, it's a job for them. You on the other hand, care about the money and having your wagers handled according to your wishes and desires. Take control. After this, you can base your next pass line on hunch.

odiousgambit Dec 12, 2015

Why hedge? That benefits the house anyway, any bets that win on a 7 being rolled are high cost, except the pass line which you do already.

Consider avoiding the situation of having too much in action by waiting for bets to resolve. If you just plain old 'need the action' then take your lumps.

You should ask these questions in the forum, not with blog posts btw.