Posted by johne07
Oct 19, 2012

cabbage soup diet

Does the Cabbage Diet really work? Discover the shocking truth about cabbage soup diet and how it can harm your body. Free Information on how to lose weight fast and permanently.


TIMSPEED Oct 19, 2012

Aww...but I'm sick of cabbage water...

"What are you saying, it's all we've got?!"

bigfoot66 Oct 19, 2012

You should have posted this in the long thread we had debating the merits of the cabbage soup diet.

rdw4potus Oct 19, 2012

Single-food diets remind me of that exchange in Annie. "We're not having hot mush today...we're having cold mush instead!!"

AcesAndEights Oct 19, 2012

Please, tell me more!

odiousgambit Oct 20, 2012

funny, cabbage soup has been regarded with disdain for eons, but in my book *some* cabbage in many soups is great.

I refuse to click on your link.

teddys Oct 22, 2012

I like a cabbage soup with leek, potato, maybe a little cream...puree half of it in a food processor ... yummy