Sep 18, 2021

Can anyone guess this

I have come up with a system that will blow your mind and best of all allows you to be the house. Live testing is at 438-0 and itís simplest system no brainer just takes patients.
Can anyone answer how can I bet in baccarat and play as the casino or hkuse side? I have only shared this with one person who has helped test this and I have created a set of 7 rules to follow and it has yet to be beat with all rules played but cannot be tested on simulation play Anyone?



Game is baccarat sorry forgot to mention

Zcore13 Sep 18, 2021

You're funny.


Take a Quess? Maybe Iíll share

EvenBob Sep 19, 2021

438-0? Baloney.


Iím not here to pull bs on anyone I found a way to be the house in baccarat I canít believe it was this easy after coming up with many other systems that would work sometimes and not so much others. Does anyone know how you can bet with the house in baccarat? Think about it. Donít just bash people were all adults maybe just maybe I will show you something you have never thought of or heard of. And yes itís 438-0 in live play it can not be practice on simulation

Zcore13 Sep 19, 2021

You may (or may not) be an adult. But either way, you are:

1. Lacking intelligence and knowledge about how casino games work.


2. Think we are lacking intelligence to know how dumb you sound thinking you've found a system that beats baccarat.

You can save a lot of time by either telling us about how much you want to sell your system for, so you can quickly be banned from here, or tell us the system, so it can quickly and mathematically be debunked by professional mathemetiancisns and statisticians. .

Either way, I have a feeling you'll be heading elsewhere to try and find a more gullible audience.


Sir Iím 46yo and and retired barber from Chicago area and yes I have lots of time on my hands been playing baccarat for 16+ years now and quite frankly not looking to sell anything or any that crap I hate I simply am here to share something that I donít want out to everyone but I can see that we have a lot of haters on here and childish idiots. This system I have put a lot of work into with a friend I taught because as I have said it can not be practiced online or thru simulator it has to be done live. I have asked many to take a quess show me your IQ so to speak of how a baccarat player at a table can bet with the hkuse itís really simple if you can think outside the box and maybe I will share with a select few who donít treat a newbie as a outsider. I joined here to help and share and learn thatís it so any negative replies so be it those interested seriously private message me and once Iím comfortable knowing who Iím talking to I might share all and yes be prepared to have your mind blown by the simplicity of the WIN SYSTEM as I call it.


I never said I had a system that beats baccarat I said I have a system thatís is testimg unbeaten and a way to bet with the house who we all know wins with the billions of probability that a shoe can represent. Baccarat canít be beat period anybody knows this but what if your the house can it be possible to always win? So think for a second gentleman how can I be the house canít practice it online or a simulator? Maybe someone with a IQ can think of this Mind blowing


Again Iím not hear to sell anything and I know there is brilliant minds on here Iím simply wanting to show the right people what it is I discovered snd then you can try it live and give me your input and I already know your gonna be mind blown. So gentlemen just because Iím a newbie donít mean anything running a business for 23years and managing 5 rental homes didnít leave me a lot of time to blog and whatnot amd I have zero social media accounts so does that sound like someone who is trying to sell something. Think people you are the house how is that possible???

Dieter Sep 20, 2021

"Think people you are the house how is that possible???"

I, for one, am not made of bricks and lumber, so I'm not a house.

But seriously, if you're on to something, most of us are at least politely interested to hear some details instead of boasts.


Private message me and no Iím not selling anything but tell me little about yourself and I will gladly share with those truly interested and I promise 100% no bs you are the house betting on there side Itís quite genius rules to my triggers do apply. But yeah sorry it can not be simulated or practiced has to be played live

Zcore13 Sep 20, 2021

Luckily you posted this in your site blog and not the regular forum. You don't have a winning system. Any system can be simulated. If you want some feedback from people much smarter than you, re-post your original post in the forum.


Ok zscore if you knew my system it is unlike any system out there snd Iím new here just figuring out how to use this forums you negatively isnít called for when you have no clue what system I came up with. Can you answer my questions how can a player in baccarat bet with the house? Itís not hard to figure out snd no itís not betting banker or player but yes one has to be bet There a lot way smarter people on here I donít deny that and my system can be beat it just hasnít yet. I play for 4-5 units when I enter a casino and have done quiet well. Iím just taking in play the odds of the player winning and the house and playing the house side after I hit my trigger snd it falls within the rules That should maybe open your eyes a little letís see how smart you are and hear what it is you think Iím doing Or just keep bashing snd learn nothing new maybe just maybe you will grasp the genius of this system snd be blown away


Iíve been reading forumns for past 6-7 years and havnt seen anything close to what Iím doing mention

Wellbush Sep 20, 2021

MDawg on here is an experienced baccarat player who apparently plays hard and wins at bacc. He seems to have a broad knowledge of bacc and gambling in general. You could message him with your queries 👍

odiousgambit Sep 21, 2021

this is so unbelievably dumb I have to think you are not actually a new member. Shame on all of us for humoring you.

mwalz9 Sep 21, 2021

After reading this, I QUESS some of our other forum members arent so annoying after all!



Ok gentlemen Iíll move on leave yas be I really was hoping to make some good contacts and share something new with everyone but this is rediculously annoying Iíll keep to myself and do my thing. This wouldíve maybe helped open peoples eyes up somewhat to maybe thinking a little outside the box. God bless gents amd good luck

mwalz9 Sep 22, 2021

Sorry we weren't smart enough to accept what you had to offer. Send this info to a guy named Christopher Mitchell. He can be found on Facebook and YouTube. I figure if you can secure a partnership with him, you two could really take off.

Let us know how it goes!

OnceDear Sep 23, 2021

I'd like to jump in here with my 2 cents.

I'm bound by the rules here on confidentiality of Personal Messages, so this is as much as I can say...... I'll only refer to what he has already publicly stated. What I've told him is not confidential, so I believe that I can mention that generally.

IBEATTHEGAME is confident that his system has merit and value. It has neither.

He's convinced that it cannot be simulated outside of live play: I've explained to him how he is wrong and how it can easily be simulated. I even explained how to simulate it.

He seems to believe that he gains an advantage equivalent to the house edge: Not only has he not demonstrated that, but what he has demonstrated is that his wagers are simply and exactly subject to the house edge.

He claims to have never seen his genius system on any forum. I won't reveal his system, but I suggest that it can be simplified to the following (Not his description): Wait till something happens a few times and then progressively wager that it won't continue to happen. Where have we seen that before?

He claims to have observed success over many hundreds of hands, or is it sessions? I helped him to see how irrelevant that success would be.

I wish him luck if he takes his system, with a real bankroll to a real casino.

I'm confident that he would increase his bankroll if he did..... And that the casinos would love him.


Once deAr Iím not convinced of anything and I appreciate your input snd I do understand what your saying 100% thatís why I shared it with you sir outta respect and to receive your professional input. Again I thank you. This has been played live for over 400+ wins no losses so I guess me and my friend who has helped snd also made money are just to of the luckiest guys in the world. I played this in Vegas for 2 half weeks little over a month ago. There is Certain criteria that we will not play a trigger on knowing the game for 16 years now helps. Again thank you for helping me understand deeper snd I do understand where your coming from with the whole choose any play simulation. Bol to all and yes Iíve seen smart money group and other trigger systems that work at times others donít just figured this trigger system with a Marty 5 was a little bit more unique and safer but I quess not Iím just one lucky SOB LOL.