Posted by Headlock
Feb 18, 2018

Wins and losses

I looked through my old blogs and posts and I haven't posted since January 2016. I have been keeping up with the Trump thread though.

In 2017 I won $6,600 at Caesars properties, but lost $9,600 at all others.

This year, I was waiting for a spot at a .25 DDB game with a progressive on the royal of about $1,300, so I sat down at a Super Double Bonus machine just to kill time. I was in for about $400, and got dealt 4 aces, and I got a multiplier, and a high kicker. So I drew one card and got another multiplier and a small card on one of the 3 lines; it was a $5,600 winner!

Next weekend I was playing Mississppi Stud and got $4OAK! $2,000! I took it to the craps table and lost it all.


OnceDear Feb 18, 2018

Refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one ebbing and flowing. Mostly ebbing, in my case, just lately :o(

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Feb 05, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend

That safety on the first play from scrimmage was a killer, wasn't it?

I did not make a single bet on the Super Bowl this year. I just did not see any props I liked and I had no favorite in the game. Probably saved myself a lot of money because I was leaning Denver's way. I have to say that was the worst game I have seen in recent years; nothing went Denver's way at all.

Stayed at Paris in a free room. Checked in at the Diamond desk, did not ask for an upgrade, did not try the $20 trick. I agree with kewlj, if you want an upgrade, book it and pay for it. The room did have a single cup coffee maker, which was nice.

I am a craps player, but I did not play any craps all weekend. I did see $15 minimum at Paris, but most tables were $25 minimum. It was funny to see three $25 tables, with full crew, no players.

Taxi from McCarran to Paris, a little over $15, I gave him $20. Paris to McCarran, a little over $13, I gave the driver $16. In both cases about the same as the shuttle, but much more convenient.

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Feb 24, 2013

Craps has been crappy

This year started out so well, too. Loss of $7,200 since Jan 5 and I am down $4,300 for the year so far. I'm actually up $1,000 for the year at craps, but lost $3,600 in the last three trips, and down more than $5,000 at VP, a lot of that loss chasing the $15,000 royal at Black Hawk.

Two weeks ago playing $5 craps, 10x odds, lost $1,600 in less than an hour. The two shooters before I left both threw three numbers then the seven. I really hate that, $330 gone in two minutes.

Went to the horse races yesterday, bet the daily double and bet my picks to win in the first and second, came up empty. Then I employed a new strategy for me; the show bet. For the rest of the day, I bet one or two horses in each race. I was betting $20 on each horse, and cashed tickets 5 races in a row. That was nice! But as you can imagine I wasn't winning much money, the best one paid $4.20 to show so I won $22 on that race. Anyway, last race, one scratch and there were only 5 horses in the field. 1 horse was, in my opinion, definitely out of class (finished third though) so I had to pick one out of 4 to finish top three. Well there was one horse that looked much better than the others, the betting public agreed, it was a big favorite, and I played $100 to show. I figured I'd get $2.20, so $10 profit. It paid $2.10, so only $5 profit. Thinking about it later, I don't like risking $100 for $5, but I don't know how to estimate what the show will pay. I need to figure that out before the next trip.


odiousgambit Feb 24, 2013

>down $4,300 for the year so far. I'm actually up $1,000 for the year at craps

the solution is clear, just play Craps and skip the other [g]

FleaStiff Feb 25, 2013

I'd agree.

Leave the horse racing stuff to those who know more about it. Its only a pleasant sideline for you anyway.

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Feb 09, 2013

Black Hawk Loser

I wish I could report wins all the time like Ace does. I must not be playing the right game.

Arrived in Black Hawk early afternoon, check-in at Ameristar is 4:00 PM, so we stopped at the Isle first. I played $1 DDB with a progressive on the royal of just over $6,000. Dropped $1,000 of my $1,500 bankroll in no time, never saw a 4 of a kind. Meanwhile my wife had better luck, she hit 4 aces with the kicker for about $2,300.

So then over to Ameristar and checked in to our spa suite. If you ever go to Black Hawk, try to get the spa suite. It's expensive, but VERY nice. I like it better than the Venetian/Palazzo suites. I should also mention Ameristar has great looking cocktail waitresses.

Found a $1 deuces bonus game with a royal progressive of almost $15,000. I lost my remaining $500 there in a matter of minutes.

Next to the cashier to reload, I got $2,000 more and headed to the craps table. $5 min, 3-4-5x odds, maximum bet in Colorado is $100. No Fire Bet here. Older gent just to my left had a good roll just before he had to catch the bus. He was playing green on the pass line, I started with $5 but got up to $25 with $100 odds. Cashed out with a $700 profit.

Played Mississippi Stud later that evening and won $100. The interesting thing here was the man sitting just to my left got two 4 of a kinds within an hour. You know 4OK are rare, and you never expect to see two, let alone to the same player.

Next day played the $1 deuces bonus again, the royal progressive was over $15,000. Six machines in the bank and they were all busy. Guy directly on the other side from me hit the royal. NICE, I would love to hit something like that.

Played Mississippi Stud some more and came out even.

Just before checking out, I played craps again and the table was HOT; but not for me. Guy next to me was playing green chips, he had probably $700 when I got to the table. Anyway, he was playing the horn, Hi Lo Yo, hopping hardways, hardways all day, any seven. I am playing PL and Come with odds. You can probably see where this is going.......He was winning big and I was not. When I quit exactly even he had about $2,500 in green chips. Guy at the other end was also playing the hardways and he cashed out same time I did with almost $4,000. I played the hardways too but no hop bets and I did not play the horn. Never hit.

I think this is where superrick would say you have to play what the table is giving you. I just don't believe it, it just wasn't my day. I ended up down $2,700 for the trip, all of it chasing the royal flush on the VP machines.


teddys Feb 09, 2013

I _hate_ it when I am playing on a table where everyone is betting the center crap and winning, while I'm losing. This happened to me I think at Texas Station. Had a huge negative swing betting pass-come and meanwhile everyone else's stack is growing.

teddys Feb 09, 2013

Also, you could have walked down to the Gilipin and bet $2 with $100 odds. Best craps game in the country that I know of.

Posted by Headlock
Jan 22, 2013

Cheating bast ........ uh, I mean damn negative variance!

$4,000 loss last weekend, most of it at craps, although I admit to losing some at video poker. Including this sequence, wherein I make the best bets on the craps table, and lose $500 in less than 5 minutes. I am playing $5 PL with 10x odds, 2 come bets with 10x odds.

Shooter throws number, different number, different number, seven out. Loss of $165. Next shooter throws craps, number, different number, different number, seven out. Loss of $170. Next shooter throws number, different number, different number, seven out. Loss of $165.


MakingBook Jan 22, 2013

You must have read my book. That's the same system I use, with the same results.

teddys Jan 22, 2013

Headlock! You are on my downward path. You have to STOP what you're doing and change your betting methods. Otherwise you will continue going on tilt and losing. You MUST get away from the "best bets" methodology and start playing more reasonable amounts. The variance at 5-10x odds in craps will destroy all but the most hardened gambler.

FleaStiff Jan 23, 2013

The Darkside!!

RaleighCraps Jan 23, 2013

And that my friend is why I prefer to Buy and Place across. 2 different numbers gets you 1/2 of your cost back. You still lose, but not as much

I have decided that craps is one of those games where the mathematical best bet, is not necessarily the best way to play. YMMV

Wishing you better success at your next session. RC