Posted by goonerwob
Feb 09, 2014

Single Deck BJ

Is there anything to stop a player, already seated, betting behind the other boxes in play?


rdw4potus Feb 09, 2014


Buzzard Feb 09, 2014

Vinny will escort you to the door.

rdw4potus Feb 09, 2014

Seriously...the house usually restricts players to 2 or 3 hands, often with increased minimum bets and/or a flat-betting requirement. Also, players usually aren't allowed to add/subtract those hands in the middle of a deck.

odiousgambit Feb 10, 2014

Gee, Gooner never came back to see if anyone responded, whodathunkit?

Buzzard Feb 11, 2014

Vinnie made a per-emptive strike ?

goonerwob Feb 11, 2014

So a guy playing box 1 flat bets $100 and the rest of his team/players are betting $10-20. Second hand the count is in his favor and decides to bet $100 behind the other boxes. Anything in the rules to stop him as he has not increased the hands played?

rdw4potus Feb 11, 2014

How is he going to make those bets? Most casinos frown on players exchanging chips among themselves at the table, so he can't hand them to the other players. Maybe this would work in a jurisdiction like California where there's more than one betting box per hand, but the house can always deny a bet or remove a player. Basically, you're describing a play with a huge player advantage and the house pretty much never allows people to take advantage of such situations. If this actually worked with any regularity, I'd be out doing it instead of sitting around online warning you against trying:-)

AcesAndEights Mar 07, 2014

In Europe, it is quite common for players to bet on the squares of other players, even if they don't know each other. I encountered this personally in Vienna, Austria, where almost the entire table had money riding on every square. It was very strange to me. The player sitting behind that square controlled the decisions, and other players could choose to put up their own money for splits/doubles or just leave their initial bet (if the controlling player is playing correct BS, then they would be foolish not to put up money for doubles/splits).

As I remember it, if the box won, then the money would be distributed off to the other players by the controlling player; so these casinos clearly do not have restrictive policies on exchanging chips at the tables.

Lastly, most of these players played terrible strategy and most would never hit a 16. So when I started hitting my 16s vs 7-A, they all freaked out and tried to stop me. There was a language barrier involved, but I made it clear that I would not be bullied into changing my strategy. Henceforth they stopped playing in my box :).

Now, back to the OP. This game was a multi-deck CSM, so there was no advantage to be gained by counting or bet variation. In a single deck game, one would hope even the most liberal houses would have rules to prevent or deter a big betting spread by utilizing multiple spots.