Posted by daggerman
Sep 12, 2012

Supreme Play


There is a big betting scam going round which I believe has been instigated by casinos in the group run by Silverstone Overseas which in turn is part of Bonne Chance NV.
I received an email in my spam offering an opportunity to make money from home. The email was supposedly from a young lady calling herself Lea who stated her boyfriend had shown her a roulette system whereby she was making around 50 Euros a day. The system was the Magdalene System.
Not being a gambler I was taken by it but common sense should have warned me because the email was too professionally produced to have come from some young girl just passing on information from her boyfriend. The email suggested a number of online casino sites run by Bonne Chance including Supreme Play.
I went on to Supreme Plays site and tried the system on the play money table and could not stop winning so I thought this is wonderful. I then deposited £250 to try for real. I won, lost, won, lost etc then started to lose doubling up on red and the black coming out enough times in a row that I exceeded the table limit and lost. I then woke up and realised the stupidity of this system whereby you could end up gambling over £500 to win £1. My overall losses were £49. I accepted this as a learning curve for my stupidity and asked them to close the account and return the balance of my money £201. I was told via live chat that I had been emailed documents and I replied I had not received any documents.
Someone rang me and I gave my business email address as an alternative. I asked where Supreme Play was based and was told Cyprus.
I then received an email into my business address and was requested to open a Neteller Account and deposit £25 in which I had to deposit with the casino to get my refund. I was also asked to provide proof of id and residence. I did all this but I still did not receive my balance. I contacted them again via the live chat and was told it would take between 5-10 working days. Funny how it never takes that long to deposit money in.
I waited 10 days and still the money did not come so I contacted them again via live chat. I was told I had won £800 and that the winnings would be confiscated because I had used a fraudulent system according to their terms and conditions section 6.3. I responded that I had made an overall loss of £49 and I could not see according to their terms how the system was fraudulent and all I was asking for was the balance of the money I had invested. They still refused, suggested I email support@supremeplay.com which I did but have not received a reply.
The point I am making is that this group of casinos, that is licenced by a Mickey Mouse licencing authority in Curacao, is sending out en masse these emails pretending to be ordinary people making a fortune on unbeatable betting systems to entice gullible fools like me in. Once we start playing for real the supposedly random online machine we are playing on is rigged to recognise the system and then rips us off. But not satisfied with that, any money we have left from our deposit is confiscated on the ruse we have used a fraudulent system.
To back this up I received another email about a fantastic roulette system from a supposed Dr Brandt where you risk £31 a time to win £4 asking you to place these bets on a casino called Supreme Play would you believe. This email was sent to my business email address. The only people in this business I had given my business email address to was Supreme Play based in Cyprus. The email about Dr Brandts system was sent by a guy called Steve and when I checked the country the email had come from, would you believe it was Cyprus. When I checked further I discovered it originated from a Jhon Stern of Nicosia in Cyprus, the same Jhon Stern who runs the affiliate site for Supreme Play and Grand21 Casino.
They are sending the emails out offering these systems and then refusing to pay out or even return proples balances in the account claiming they are using fraudulant systems. They are out and out crooks. I think this is a big bent organisation that runs over 100 online casinos and people should be warned. In fact I think all sites licenced out of Curacao should be avoided because they fall outside individual countries regulations and can pull any strokes they like without recourse. I would happily receive any advice you can give because I am not going to rest


bigfoot66 Sep 12, 2012

Sounds like you learned a lesson and are 250 pounds lighter for the experience.

odiousgambit Sep 12, 2012

It seems this experience was a necessary step in life for you. It was a 250 Quid well spent, if it did its job, you might even say you got off cheap.

Mission146 Sep 12, 2012

The, "Play for fun," could be rigged to recognize the system so that you win. The real deal does not have to be rigged to recognize the system, no betting system can ever be a consistent winner, so you may well have just lost as that is the expectation.

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Playing at Bovada obviously does not ensure that you will win, and certainly does not ensure that any betting system will work. However, it does ensure a fair game. Furthermore, if you ever have a legitimate dispute with Bovada, The Wizard will act as an arbitrator in that dispute and will go in and stomp ass if they are in the wrong. Bovada also offers decent Slot Returns and some Table Games with a razor-thin edge because they recognize that the HE should be relative to operating costs...and it costs less to operate an on-line casino!

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I have played for fun at Bovada and can assure you that they do not rig the play for fun mode to draw you in. I have gotten my ass handed to me enough times to know!!!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but with Bovada you always, "Raise Your Game."

bigfoot66 Sep 15, 2012

Geez mission how long have you been on the payroll over at Bovada?

Mission146 Sep 16, 2012

I'm not on their payroll...lol

The sponsorship of this site by Bovada basically makes it so that The Wiz can provide this and WoO to us at no cost, and I love this site and WoO!

Dodge Feb 06, 2015

Thanks for the post, I was nearly sucked in to this scam. Before going ahead I thought I would look for any reviews and came across your post, I am really grateful. Wow they are getting quite creative out there.