Posted by CSerpent
Sep 20, 2020

InterBlock Video Blackjack - Odds & Strategy

Hello. New to Vegas. This is my first time posting here...

Can someone point me to the best Strategy Generator, or generate a Strategy for me? With Odds?

I would like to generate the ODDS and Basic Strategy (Not Card Counting) for the "InterBlock" Video Blackjack machine... I've seen these in various strip casinos, but specifically I happen to play at the "Tuscany" casino, just off the strip... Many Odds and Strategy generators that I see do not specify all of the Rules / Variations. I need to be able to input all of the following:

Number of decks used: 8
Cut Card OR Continuous Shuffling? Continuous Shuffling
Dealer hits on Soft 17? YES
Dealer "Peeks" to check for blackjack before player acts? YES
Blackjack (in player's first 2 cards) beats a dealer score of 21? YES
Player loses ONLY original bet against dealer blackjack (with ace in the hole)? NO

Blackjack Payout: 3:2
Insurance Payout: 2:1
Other Payouts: 1:1

Double allowed on any 2 cards (including soft hands)? YES
Double after split allowed? YES
Double allowed after splitting Aces? NO
Double after Hit allowed? NO

Number of Times 2s through Ts may be Split: 1
Number of Times Aces May be Split: 1
Number of Times 2s through Ts may be RE-Split: 0
Number of Times Aces May be RE-Split: 0
Hitting allowed after splitting Aces? NO (You get only ONE card for each hand after you split Aces.)
If you get AT or TA after splitting, it is considered 21 and not Blackjack, so it pays only even money.

Insurance offered on Dealer Ace? YES
Surrender allowed (losing 1/2 your bet)? NO
Late Surrender allowed? NO


OnceDear Sep 21, 2020

Hi, and welcome.

You've written your question as a blog post, where it will tend to get little attention.

You needed to create a forum thread here... > https://wizardofvegas.com/forum/questions-and-answers/gambling/

Ademam Nov 17, 2020

It seems to me that what was once invented and called the basic strategy for blackjack games, and still remains the best way to win. And if anyone wants to be convinced of this, go and play demo games. By the way, I've always played only demo games and never made a deposit. I am afraid that because of my passion, if I make a deposit to play a blackjack , then I will not be able to stop. But in any case, it's nice to win even on a demo account)))

sevencard2003 Jan 17, 2021

does the vbj in tuscany give points? what about the new stadium BJ games around town? havent been to vegas in about 2 years, and it was before the virus. i understand a bunch of new machines were installed around the US post virus.

if anyone can find me a brand new aruze gaming dealers angels, ill gladly pay for the info. nothing ive heard yet about a new machine has been truthful, its always been a lie from some troll.