Posted by crapsgenius
Nov 27, 2016


Craps is the game I like the best. Lately I have done better at Video Blackjack.
I bet 2 when I win go to 4 when I win I go to 6 ....8 ..... 9.... no win - go back to 2.
So long as I Win I keep the same bet or increase the bet in small amounts.
When I don't win I decrease the bet.
I don't get it because Blackjack on Video Blackjack pays 1:1. Too crazy.
The machine must have all the feature bets like double down on 10,11 and double down after splitting hit Aces after splitting.
This machines stay on a dealer soft 17... that is also good.
I seem to do better at Video Blackjack than a $5 table Blackjack that pays 3:2
What is nice about Video Blackjack is no-one ever yelled at me for taking their card or
making a bad hit of stay.... as if those things even matter.

Money management is very important and its hard to stay disiplined.
Mind over machine seems to have an effect also ... yes very unprovable...
A pleasant nice beautiful waitress also seems to help the game mojo.

If you play Video Blackjack you need to play on a point multiplier day to minimize the house edge.
I always play with my player's card... that it that.
Video Blackjack with cash for points might even be better than 3:2 table Blackjack....
I have not calculated the ods... Leave that to The Wizard.
You must play at a casino that gives cash back for your points... it feels good to get a paycheck.
ie: I will let you figure out which Casinos to go to ... if you are not from Vegas... stay off the strip.

Back to Craps
I have noticed setting dice can cause certain numbers to repeat or come up more often.
The dice need to have the same set and stick together before they land and have the same toss/trajectory each time and
land on the same spot on the table each time. Yes its not easy to do.

Tuscany in Vegas will not let you set dice ... they are either superstitious or setting does help winners win.
Short tables will often not let you set dice.
Crapsgenius rendition for the day. Be smart, play with winners and always win ... always go out ahead.


alphastorm Dec 13, 2016

You gotta be kidding me with this blog.