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Jul 16, 2011

Online roulette – Fun and fortune

Roulette – the game of the wheel and table has always attracted people since ages. The clink sound of the wheel and the ivory ball inside it has charmed millions of people. The metal ball tossing in the wheel and the people betting for it has been an attraction not only in movies but also in real life. The wheel contains numbers in black and red for even and odd numbers. People round the table bet for the number where the ball would probably fall. This game has turned the fortunes of numerous people. The ball hops from number to another and finally rests in one of them. All those who have betted on that number are the ones who gain. Although it appears highly simple, this game involves a lot of assumption, logic, calculation and, ultimately, probability. It takes time to master this game. As you get involved in the game you can realise the complexity it poses.

Now, it may not be possible to go to a casino every time you want to play this game. Therefore, most of the people opt for the online roulette. You can play your favourite game round the clock here. The rules for online casinos roulette are similar to that of the casino game. As the payouts in roulette are high it is one of the most popular games of the world. You can find three types of online roulette game- The American, British and the French. The British and French roulette has 37 pockets while the American has 38.

In the online roulette you can get “en prison” rule. In this rule when the person bets for an even number. If the ball lands in zero the bet is imprisoned and he gets the chips back if he wins the bet in the next turn. Sometimes a person receives half the money that he has bet when the ivory ball lands up in zero. Therefore, en prison is a win- win situation for the player.
Another advantage of playing online roulette is that you can play with a bonus. Most of the time, you can find that the online roulette games offering you bonus. You can play with the bonus amount and win loads of money in turn! Grab this opportunity of winning money and enjoy the game. After all, no one wants to lose the chance of winning money sitting at home!


benbakdoff Jul 16, 2011

Perhaps you can post on one of the roulette threads and tell us how much you've won. Before you do, please review the Forum Rules. You'll find them quite liberal, however link dropping is frowned upon and can cause posts to disappear as in the case of your first three.