Posted by buzzpaff
Sep 29, 2012


Anybody looking for Buzz Paff Tuesday or Wednesday at G2E ?

Just look for the old guy in the prison orange shirt. I should be easy to find.

I can tell you from past experience, that after drifting my way out of a crowded courtroom,
It's damn near impossible to blend into a crowd wearing orange !


miplet Sep 29, 2012

I look forward to meeting you.

1BB Sep 29, 2012

Do you have prison tattoos?

buzzpaff Sep 29, 2012

No. My son-in-law has way too many of them. Including the one trying to hide the scar from where an ex-gf literally cut his throat.

I was collecting for bookies in the 60's . Anybody from back then will tell you the rule was :

" Never get a tat where the judge can see it "

Tattoos are mainstream now, my son-in-law Kevin wears long shirts to job interviews, but can not hide Fu** Pigs across his knuckles.

odiousgambit Sep 30, 2012

I just recently found out that getting tattoos is a very un-Jewish thing to do.

Even more respect for those folks now.

What the young ladies do to themselves now is disturbing to me. All tattoos seem to turn ugly later, btw. And the stuff some guy talks them into! I have seen recently two different attractive young ladies with text in foreign script. One looked Asian script, the other Middle East. Fine, perhaps, if the one was Asian and the other Middle-Eastern, but these girts had "local Caucasian" written all over them (wait, scratch that last phrase, it has a different meaning now! [g])

buzzpaff Sep 30, 2012

These young ladies with a strand of barbwire around their bicep have no idea it will become a picket fence in later years !

Posted by buzzpaff
Aug 27, 2012


Just back from Crime City . Or Charm City as the Baltimore City council calls it.

The new referendum to add a 6th casino and cut taxes for the other 5 had a real explosion buried inside it.
When passed it will allow any veterans organization to have electronic slots machine. That means the VFW in Hampden
can get rid of the mechanical ones. LOL
I can see the building being expanded right over the parking lots.
Even money, the surviving WW2 and Korea old codgers are drawing up expansion plans already LOL


toastcmu Aug 28, 2012

Should be interesting - the news just picked up on the 2.4 Mil MGM is paying for pro-casino advertising. I think there is enough resistance in PG county, that it may be a close vote. We'll have to see what happens. Shoot, even Va. had one lawmaker proposing one now in the Ol' Dominion.

buzzpaff Aug 28, 2012

I used to sell Irish Sweepstakes tickets as late as the 1970's. The New Hampshire Lottery, based on a horserace like the Irish, was first run in 1964. I collected for numbers runners back then too.

Expect casino's to spread like wildfire too. Gee, what 1980 ? when Resorts at AC opened ?

Posted by buzzpaff
Aug 19, 2012

Hate getting old

hate the alternative more. Last Wednesday some tweaker racing down my daughter's street. Threw a bar of soap size nrock at rear window. MISSED.

Used to walk home from pool room after midnight in my early 20's. Always carried a rock in my right hand and hitched left handed.

Sometimes an asshole would slow down and stop, make you run run 50 or 60m feet, then take off. Back then I never missed. Had a box cutter in pocket in case he wanted to discuss it.

Missed the car completely last week. Getting old SUCKS !

PS whoever called Saturday THANKS. Did not identify myself After 30 years Baltimore warrants should be gone, but you never know.



EvenBob Aug 19, 2012

Good thing throwing rocks at cars isn't illegal

in your area..

avargov Aug 20, 2012

Guess it depends on what the warrants are for Buzz. Travel lightly my friend!!!

Mission146 Aug 20, 2012

You're welcome. I'm glad that everything is going well.

Mission146 Aug 20, 2012

I guess I could also see where, "Good evening, is Charles Paff available, please," could draw suspicion.

buzzpaff Aug 23, 2012

" Charles " always sets up a defense line. CHUCK means I hate this fucker already. " Buzzard " means not all my old friends are dead. LOL

Mission146 Aug 23, 2012

I have the good fortune of a last name that's easy to miss, unless you've heard it before. That's an immediate click.