Posted by bodogbasher
Oct 28, 2011

Bodog is the worst

i have been a valued VIP player at bodog for many years. their customer service used to be great, now it's just plain awful. i have payouts that add up to nearly 20,000 that i've been waiting for now over 25 business days. i've gotten bs story after bs story but the bottom line is that i never get my payments sent to me whether it's DBT(direct bank transfer), check or wire. if you're a bodog customer or are thinking about joining please do yourself a favor and send your money somewhere else. they're a bunch of obnoxious pri"ks who think they're better than you and try to use obscure wording in their emails so that they never answer any of the specific questions that you may have.


dm Oct 28, 2011

I believe the Wiz is committed to address this issue.

rdw4potus Oct 28, 2011

Bodog has gotten pretty bad, but they're not the worst. The games are fair, but their payments are awful. That's a step above an online casino where the games are rigged and the payments are awful. Also, I'm relatively certain that Bodog is not a front for laundering money from the drug trade or conflict diamonds. That's also a step above some other online casinos...

Wizard Oct 28, 2011

I've mentioned this to Bodog Becky. I just received a check yesterday, for what it is worth.

BodogBecky Oct 29, 2011

I am really sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience, can you please PM me your account number (or have the Wiz send it to me) so I can ask a senior CS manager to get in touch ASAP? I promise you will get your money.

Also, I'd like to thank you for the feedback- all the bodog brand licensees pride themselves on providing excellent CS and they take customer feedback very, very seriously.

Thank you!